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Really impressed...

append delete Johana

After playing for a couple of hours with iLinux, I have only one thing to say: WOW! It is amazing! It feels so smooth and happy! And the colors. Oh the colors! I love it! I started our 3 Computers from a USB stick with iLinux and it works everywhere. I still can't believe that I can have a brand new Free OS for my computer in a USB stick without tampering with my Windows setup! It is fast, beautiful and has so many Apps! Kudos!

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append delete #1. iLinux Creator

It's always nice to make people happy!

Keep playing with it...

There is more to iLinux than meets the eye...

append delete #2. Johana

After using iLinux OS for 1 week I can say I am amazed! It is extremely easy to use, it's aesthetic is very modern and it has every App i need preinstalled.

I loooove Semantic Folders!!! They are so huggy! And iLinux Start is sooooo smooth!

iLinux makes it so very hard to look at Windows every day at the office...

append delete #3. iLinux Creator

Show it to the IT guys at the Office!

Maybe they decide to switch all Windows PC's to iLinux! :-)

append delete #4. Johana

I did and i had the laugh of my life! ;P

You should see their faces when I opened iLinux Start and Easy Access!

They liked it a lot and they installed in a PC to test it further...

append delete #5. AaronTechnic

Please stop. Seriously, iLinux isn't even a real Linux distro. You may think me as a gatekeeping fanboy, but seriously, use a real distro like Ubuntu. Your OS is a bloated mess.

append delete #6. iLinux Support Team


You are asking iLinux OS Users to stop doing what?

Using iLinux OS?

Explain to them why they should do that.

Explain why iLinux OS is not a real Linux Distro.

Explain why Ubuntu is a real Distro and iLinux OS isn't.

Explain why iLinux OS is a "bloated mess".

Explain to them for how long have you used iLinux OS before you come to all these "conclusions".

And while you are at it, explain to them and us, who gave you the authority to dictate to Users what to do?

Linux isn't about freedom of choice anymore?

And if it's not about freedom of choice anymore, what is it about according to you?

append delete #7. AaronTechnic

iLinux OS sucks, okay? Distros like Ubuntu is much better and they are serious. Your YouTube channel promotes your distro everywhere. I was going through the comments of "EndeavourOS: A new distro for intermediate users" from Linux Tex. You literally commented "iLinux is perfect for intermediate users" but your distro looks like a distro made for kids' tablets.

Contributing to Ubuntu, or making a Linux app is much better than maintaining this trash distro. I hope you the very best.

append delete #8. Linux Soul


How much is the salary of a rookie Ubuntu Fanboy these days?

Do they give you medical insurance as well?

Shouldn't you be somewhere in the net promoting Ubuntu in a more civilized and convincing manner?

So kiddo, leave us here with our "trashy kid's tablet OS" and go masturbate somewhere else...

append delete #9. AaronTechnic

Alright, alright, iLinux fanboy.

append delete #10. iLinux Support Team


It is only natural for the Official iLinux OS YouTube Channel to promote iLinux OS.

It is only natural for every Official Linux Distro YouTube Channel to promote it's own Linux Distro.

What's your point?

P.S.: You still haven't explained and still haven't answered our questions...

append delete #11. AaronTechnic

It is only natural for every Official Linux Distro YouTube Channel to promote it's own Linux Distro.

Explain why the official Ubuntu channel doesn't promote their distro in the comments.

append delete #12. Linux Soul


For starters I am a girl.

And not a Fangirl because I am not fanatic like you.

In contrast to you I have a hands on opinion about iLinux and I respect all Linux distros and developers...

append delete #13. iLinux Support Team


Explain why the official Ubuntu channel doesn't promote their distro in the comments.

It's quite simple.

Ubuntu as a Company has an Army of Paid Employees that Promote Ubuntu and control hundreds of YouTube Channels, hundreds of Linux/Ubuntu Related Websites and many IRC Channels.


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