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Really impressed...

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After playing for a couple of hours with iLinux, I have only one thing to say: WOW! It is amazing! It feels so smooth and happy! And the colors. Oh the colors! I love it! I started our 3 Computers from a USB stick with iLinux and it works everywhere. I still can't believe that I can have a brand new Free OS for my computer in a USB stick without tampering with my Windows setup! It is fast, beautiful and has so many Apps! Kudos!

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It's always nice to make people happy!

Keep playing with it...

There is more to iLinux than meets the eye...

append delete #2. Johana

After using iLinux OS for 1 week I can say I am amazed! It is extremely easy to use, it's aesthetic is very modern and it has every App i need preinstalled.

I loooove Semantic Folders!!! They are so huggy! And iLinux Start is sooooo smooth!

iLinux makes it so very hard to look at Windows every day at the office...

append delete #3. iLinux Creator

Show it to the IT guys at the Office!

Maybe they decide to switch all Windows PC's to iLinux! :-)

append delete #4. Johana

I did and i had the laugh of my life! ;P

You should see their faces when I opened iLinux Start and Easy Access!

They liked it a lot and they installed in a PC to test it further...


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