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It is way way way too much!

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There are some very old and in my opinion very true sayings:
1. Sometimes more than enough is too much.
2. KISS ... Keep it simple, Stupid.

I have tons of respect for someone who so diligently involves him/herself with such a massive project. But in this case, iLinux is just too much for ANY General User.

I have 31 years of Computer experience (the first 18 years with Windows only), and I would consider myself to be a power user ... without resorting to terminal use if I don't have to. I am not a gamer and I feel sorry for the people who are too stupid to realize how magnificent & incredible of a TOOL a computer is. Wasting my time away with games is IMO the dumbest thing that anyone can do. Sure, I play games like cards, mahjongg, tetris ... when my computer is busy with something that required most of my resources, but that's it. A few minuts playing here, a few minutes playing there, but never hours upon hours of playing & wasting my precious time.

Why am I telling you this?
Well, because ... "instant" ... "functionality" ... gets completey lost for any ... "first time" ... or "experienced" ... computer user. Everyone that I know, dozens of people (not on social media) is looking for a clean, mean, good looking design, as well as instant, single click access to everything that 99% of (real) computer users require.

It doesn't matter how fantastiv and powerful iLinux is, if the design is simply too much. There is no need to place things on the taskbar which are completely irrelevant, useless, or perhaps even illegal. For example, it's nice to have Office apps avaialble, but why clutter up the taskbar with those symbols? Isn't it enough to provide a single-click functional menu ... which then has everything available? Why not keep the taskbar clean? Main Menu, Power off, Restart, Logout Symbols ... along with Date and time.
Let everyone "create" their own shortcuts on the taskbar (because that's the freedom of Linux) and let everyone choose their own desktop in a matter of 2 to 3 seconds.
Just trying to provide some friendly input here for you.

The reason why I switched to Linux full-time in 2009, was because I completely respect the meaning of freedom, security, reliability, and cost (free) which is offered to almost everyone who decides to use Linux. My persona choice is MX Linux. I have read your comments about other Linux versions being oh so slow, but guess what? I couldn't even install iLinux on a 12 year old Windows Vista machine with 4GB DDR2 RAM. But MX Linux installed on that very same system. Why do I prefer MX Linux? Because for a number of years now I've decided that XFCE is the fastest Linux desktop, which can be made to look very attractive, without blinding the users with excessive colors, symbols, and in your face apps which might cause most users to raise their arms and say ... WTF.
It's way too distracting as far as I'm concerned.

I think most people want to be impressed with something that instantly stabs you in the face as being oh so cool. For that, you have a whole desktop that can be filled with a "wow" image that changes every 60 seconds to another equally "wow" image. That's all you need. Everything else can be left to explore by the user.
I am speaking from experience, because I've spent 3 years working on my own German language Linux distribution which is 100% easy to use for children, professionsls, and even most Senior citizens.

Most PROFESSIONALS want something with which they can instantly "kick ass" without wasting time and without any needless distractions (IMO).
FIRST TIME USERS want something that looks incredibly cool & professional (not loud, colorful, und perhaps irritating), while providing just enough goodies in easy reach, to permit tht new user to think "Yeah, I can work with this"
SENIOR CITIZENS need zero distractions. Computers are already difficult enough to grasp as it is, so just let them have a beautful desktop picture with a simple taskbar that provides the most basic functions, nothing more. I say this because I deal with Senior Citizens almost every week. They already have so much crap going on in their lives, that the last thing in the world that they need, is to look upon a blinding desktop with so many things going on that it would make their heads spin.

So as I stated in the title, from what I've seen in your screenshots, it's just way too much color, way too big the symbols, way too much in a persons face .... HEY I AM iLINUX JUST LOOK AT ME
That's my take-away. But perhaps I'm wrong ...
Perhaps one day iLinux will be #1 on distrowatch.
(it may not be perfect, but many people use distrowatch as a point of reference)

Have a wonderful day.

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append delete #1. Your Name Again

Whoops, one thing that I fogot.
I clicked on your creator.html page
This is my instant impressions from 3 seconds look at the page:

WTF? The "Creator" as in God the Creator? Just look at that image. This guy thinks he's like God, can you believe it? Geez, that's as arrogant as it gets. Wow.

Why did I have that instant impression?
Because you call yourself "Creator" instead of Developer, Lead Developer, Designer, and so on. Who on this planet calls themselves Creator? Who does that?

And of course, also that image, which looks like you're some being descending from Heaven to deliver his glorious iLinux Operating System to the people of the World. Such "gloriousness" is determined by the people, by actual users of iLinux with experience. That "gloriousness" is not created by you. That page is truly bombastic, pretentious, arrogant, and I'm certain for most people an instant turn-off.

But again, perhaps I'm wrong. Perhaps one day I'll come here and find that you've convinced billions of people worldwide just how glorious of a creator you are? For that, I wish you much luck.
Have a great upcoming Weekend.

append delete #2. Tom

The more you hate iLinux the more we love it! You are such a lameass! Get a life...

append delete #3. Sonic de Lonic

It may be way too much for you but it's wow for me!

So chill out dude and use whatever Linux Distro you like...

That's the beauty of Linux. There's something for everyone.

By the way, I have installed iLinux on a 20 year Pentium 4 with 2 GB of Ram...

append delete #4. Optimus Prime

Here we go again...

Another thug, another personal attack, another boring dumbass propaganda...

append delete #5. Linux Soul

@Your Name Again

So much negativity...

So much hate...

And for what? To promote MX Linux? I 'll pass.

iLinux on the other hand is happy, lovable, joyful, smooth and always positive!

append delete #6. Kelly Smith

@Your Name Again

I bet good money that you haven't even tested iLinux.

The claim that you couldn't install it on a 12 year old laptop but you installed MX Linux on it, is ridiculous.

Since iLinux is CLONABLE there is nothing to install.

Your slander scenario is leaking...

append delete #7. Fotini

@Your Name
@Your Name Again

I have heard a lot (I MEAN A LOT) of bad things about iLinux on IRC Channels and Linux Boards but after an extensive test drive I see that it was all filthy propaganda and lies, lies, lies.

iLinux is an effort to bring Linux Power to the masses like never before and that's why it is being attacked so blatantly and so brutally.

I am so angry and disgusted at this coordinated attack against such a wonderful piece of software engineering and design.

But most of all I am disgusted at this shitty personal attack against the Lead Developer and all those who worked to make iLinux what it is and offer it to us for FREE.

Your hate and empathy only proves one thing: I was right on ignoring the shitty propaganda about iLinux and giving it a test drive.

Now I am sticking with it for good.

You are the perfect proof of why the Linux landscape remains a mess after all these years.

But now we can ignore you because we have a choice. And it's called iLinux OS.

append delete #8. Anonymous 162975466

@Optimus Prime be fair to them, they're saying it's not their cup of tea and you call them a thug?
@Tom someone's just expressing their opinion and you assume they're a no-lifer?
@Kelly Smith maybe. They should put something nice together to show us.

append delete #9. Optimus Prime

@Anonymous 162975466

It's their attitude and their tactics that betray them...

They are not polite and civil so they had it coming...

append delete #10. Kelly Smith

@Anonymous 162975466

Maybe? You are joking right?

Are you here for damage control?

With that attitude I doubt if they have the brains to put something nice together...

append delete #11. Tom

@Anonymous 162975466

This is pure hate and covert character assassination attempt plus some panic...

So yes, they're no lifers.

append delete #12. Fotini

@Anonymous 162975466

Have you even tested iLinux?

append delete #13. donalduck


append delete #14. donalduck

ok, thanks, I'm just learning.


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