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add minecraft to iLinux

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append delete #1. iLinux Support Team

Even though you don't use iLinux, we have added the Official Application "Minecraft Launcher" to our latest Live Update:

append delete #2. AaronTechnic

Wow, I am actually quite surprised that you actually added the Minecraft Launcher to iLinux. I was just being rude and joking around (sorry about that). You have my respect for taking your time to add minecraft to iLinux. I can't use iLinux since it takes a long time for me, and can't distrohop due to the amount of data I have on my ubuntu partition, but I'll give it a try.

append delete #3. iLinux Support Team

Don't believe the Internet/YouTube/IRC propaganda and boycott against iLinux.

Of course you can use iLinux. It can run from a fast USB Stick too, so you won't tamper with Ubuntu.

It's what you choose that defines you.

append delete #4. Kapri

Care for some KUBERNETES?

append delete #5. iLinux Support Team


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