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pny usb 128 gb

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Hi I downloaded the unofficial version of 57gb and I used balena Etcher but when I use F8 the image file does not show up or when I try to boot from the usb key nothing shows up I tried to download the official version but torrent file is dead I use qbittorent but i doesn't download i have already and arch linux distro installed I want to test out ilinux but how can I do that?
why dont you create an iso version so it be much easier to install by using balena etcher

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Have you disabled "Secure Boot" and "UEFI Boot" via your computer's BIOS as instructed?


We checked the Official Torrents and they download just fine with qBittorrent.


ISO versions are in development.

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ISO versions are in development. when willl it be available I have tried all but on the unofficial version becuase the official version using qbittorrent does not work instead the unofficail version downloads very fast

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We checked the Official Torrents and they download just fine with qBittorrent.

Use the Unofficial Torrent.

Until now we have no reports about the specific Unofficial Torrent.


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