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External hard drive 3OOGB to install ilnux

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Good Morning I want to install ilinux I have this external drive of 300gb, I downloaded the zip file of 23gb unzipped the size is 57gb do I use balena etcher to copy the unzipped to the external hard drive ? I was able to download the unofficial torrent becuase the official torrent the speed of torrent was very very slow is that ok ?

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Good evening!


As you can see in Install Instructions you can use either HDD Raw Copy Tool or Balena Etcher.

As for the Unofficial Torrents :

WE CAN NOT Guarantee the quality of the copies of iLinux OS that are being shared via UNOFFICIAL Torrents, from Linux fans and enthusiasts.

We believe in Absolute Freedom of Speech and Unrestricted Information/Data Sharing but we also believe in High Quality Standards in Software Production. Thus WE CAN ONLY Guarantee the copies of iLinux OS that WE Distribute.

If you Download iLinux OS from UNOFFICIAL Torrents and you locate anything SUSPICIOUS in it, please report it immediately to iLinux Community.

Until now we have no reports about the specific Unofficial Torrent.

iLinux Support Team added on

As for the Official Torrent Download Speed, there are many factors that can affect it.

At present we have 5 Torrent Servers sharing iLinux OS Torrents.

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On the Official Torrent Download Speed:

Our Torrent Servers operate at full bandwidth during 00:00-07:00 GMT +3.

During 07:00-00:00 they operate at decreased bandwidth.

append delete #3. giuseppe cannavale

I did download the galaxia version unofficial version and used balena etcher but it does not work again your official version doesnt not work I live in italy. I would like to test out ilinux I saw your video on you tube but till now no luck any suggestions I have a linux distro installed already.

append delete #4. iLinux Support Team

Please elaborate.

What do you mean by "it does not work"?

Have you disabled "Secure Boot" and "UEFI Boot" via your computer's BIOS as instructed?

append delete #5. giusepppe cannavale

I does not show up when I insert the usb key I see if "Secure Boot" and "UEFI Boot are disabled.

append delete #6. iLinux Support Team


Some USB Sticks have Hardware Level Encryption or Custom Hardware Settings from their Manufacturer and thus will not be able to Startup from iLinux OS or any other Operating System.

In USB Sticks Read/Write Speed varies. NOT ALL USB STICKS HAVE THE SAME READ/WRITE SPEED. Research thoroughly before buying and choose one with High Read/Write Speed.

We have thoroughly tested and recommend the following USB Sticks but you can use whatever you feel appropriate:

Sandisk Extreme Series

Sandisk Extreme Pro Series

Sandisk Ultra Flair Series


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