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Hey everyone,

I've been playing with iLinux a few weeks now and everything is working fine except for the edge scrolling, it doesn't work on my Dell M6400.
When using iLinux on my Dell M6300 it's working well......

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Have you tried to enable it from Control Center > Mouse > Touchpad > Scrolling?

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Sorry, i give some more information:
I run iLinux on a live USB.
When the iLinux-USB runs on the M6300 the edge scrolling is working,
when the iLinux-USB is used with the M6400 the edge scrolling isn't working.
The edge scrolling is activated in the Control Center
Should it be a driver issue ?? Or is the live session and would installing on the hdd do the trick ?

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You don't need to install it. It's 100% functional from USB stick as well.

iLinux comes with many Hardware Drivers preinstalled.

But for optimum Hardware Recognition you should run Detect New Hardware from Control Center, as described in After Install steps:


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