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The easiest Servers/Apache Virtual Hosts ever!!!!

append delete linux junkie 92

OK boys and girls iLinux servers combo is simply fantastic!!!! The Easiest AF gui in the market!!!!! OMG I'm LMAO with all endless cli linux server guides all over the internets when I use iLinux servers!!!! iLinux servers combo is darn simple yet 100% effective!! Kudos and respect to the devs!!!!!! You rock!!!!!!

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append delete #1. root

And they work exaclty the same on iLinux OS 3 for Raspberry Pi. 👍

append delete #2. Manjaro Kid

Manjaro fan here! Those servers gui is awesome! Can I install it to Manjaro?

append delete #3. iLinux Support Team

@Manjaro Kid

Glad you like it!

Unfortunately it is not possible to install iLinux Servers Interface on any other Linux Distribution and we will never release it for any other Linux Distribution.

If you want iLinux Servers Interface you must use iLinux OS. 🙂

append delete #4. Manjaro Kid

But why??? 😭 Linux is about sharing!

append delete #5. iLinux Support Team

@Manjaro Kid

Exactly. And that's why anybody can use iLinux OS with Servers for free.

We care and we share.

append delete #6. Manjaro Kid

Please release servers gui for all distros! Everyone should have them on their distro! 😢

append delete #7. iLinux Support Team

@Manjaro Kid

iLinux Servers is more than a GUI (Graphical User Interface).

Beneath the GUI surface, iLinux Servers is a carefully selected collection of software, curated, tuned and combined to work flawlessly.

So releasing only the Servers GUI for other Linux Distributions would be useless.

If you want iLinux Servers Interface you must use iLinux OS. 🙂


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