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The attack against Linux continues! GNOME receives 1 MILLION EUROS funding from the German Government!

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append delete #1. Seraf

GNOME Development Team - Alice Mikhaylenko:

GTK is used by GNOME, also elementary, xfce etc. It’s not a GNOME-specific library. libadwaita is. End of story.

Really though especially if you’re not writing a GNOME app you should be able to see why libadwaita parts being in GTK would not be a good thing. The only reason you have the option of not using Adwaita style at all is because it’s not in GTK. You wouldn’t have that choice otherwise.


From GNOME 42 onwards GNOME apps will all force the use of Adwaita theme through the new libadwaita library. There are still a few GNOME apps in Ubuntu MATE: gnome-disk-utility, the Firmware app and probably the Language Support app. These should be forked to remove libadwaita and use the system theme.


So they are writing Apps that look good only in GNOME and not Apps for Linux.

Need I say more?

append delete #2. iXis12

You know what? Don't like it? Fine, stop complaining and go on with your favorite DE. No one forces you to use GNOME or GNOME apps.

GNOME apps are designed for GNOME and only GNOME, why is that so hard to understand? It's like Windows apps are designed ONLY for Windows, GNOME is the same here. Same with any other DE. You are not supposed to run GNOME apps on other DE for obvious reasons.


append delete #3. iXis12

I'm not even a GNOME user yet some of the things that you guys said are just bullshit and/or personal attacks against GNOME Project.

Since when open source projects cannot get funded from governments and/or corporations?

I'm not a GNOME user and I'm in no way associated with GNOME Project in any way. All below are purely my personal opinions.

GNOME is based on Javascript and its every update breaks everything.

What the fuck? GNOME is written primarily in C, and its apps are written in a wide variety of languages like C++, Python, Rust, Vala, JavaScript, etc... JavaScript is not slow, in fact it is pretty darn fast, not as fast as C++ or native compiled languages but still very, very fast unless you are using your grandma's IBM. JavaScript powers the web. It's not perfect (in fact I have a lot of criticisms for it) but it's not THAT bad.

GNOME is bloated with bad design and buggy code. You need 100s of extentions and a very powerful PC to get somewhat close to a functional computer and yet it's still bloated with bugs.

Heh, I can use GNOME 44 on an old laptop with Pentium B960 perfectly fine. Comparing it with something like Windows 10 and GNOME is guaranteed to win. But you are not supposed to use fancy stuff on lower end computers, they are "low-end" for a reason you know? And why GNOME is not functional? What do you consider to be "functional"?

Computers should not have a Smartphone interface. Computer Screens are too big for that.

GNOME is not designed for smartphone? What kind of smartphone would have a dock bar, menu bar, windowed multi-tasking and shit like that?

You all are judging GNOME and/or other Linux projects based on your experience with macOS, which itself is not even a fair comparison in the first place.

And what? Check GNOME source code for yourself, fork it and make your changes, fix it if you want. Stop complaining about GNOME "ruining Linux" while it's literally open source. If you don't like it, don't use it, it's simple as that.

Of course, GNOME has some questionable design choices which I really don't like but, all of your "criticisms" are either very subjective or just personal attacks. You guys use macOS designs choices to criticize GNOME but GNOME and Linux is not macOS and will never be.

There's nothing wrong with a non-profit organization being funded by a corporations and/or governments. That doesn't change its nature.

append delete #4. i386


I'm not a GNOME user and I'm in no way associated with GNOME Project in any way.

Yeah right...

append delete #5. Animal

Linux Distro Watchers article nails it to the bone. I am stunned. This analysis is so OMG!


It's crystal clear to me now that GNOME tries to replace Linux in any way possible and create a Microsoft/Apple/Google style monopoly that will eventually destroy all Linux distros. They want only four operating systems: Microsoft Windows, Apple macOS/iOS, Android and GNOME.

append delete #6. reddit_lol


Just google "gnome is slow". End of story. 😂

As for the rest, Linux Distro Watchers article is excellent and opened my mind to a whole new perspective about GNOME.

append delete #7. www2

GNOME will fail like Windows 8 did and for the same reasons...

append delete #8. DigiDeLorean

Linux Has Become Complicated And Limiting (GNOME, Wayland, etc)

append delete #9. Arch XXX

The Technofascism of GNOME against linux is flooding the internet and now it's funded by governments. What's next I wonder?

append delete #10. i386

@Arch XXX

More well funded Technofascism... 😎

append delete #11. Optimus Prime

OMG WTF is going on with GNOME?!

append delete #12. GNOME STILL EXISTS??

So that's why Gnome still exists...

append delete #13. qubic2004

Gnome is a rotten monopolistic zombie money laundering factory. That's why it's not compatible even with itself! 😂 OMG in every new version somethign always breaks and total mess is a ticking time bomb laughing at you like Joker.... Even if you try you can't make it worse than what it is out of the box! 🤣 You can never put so much effort to break everything up in every new version like Gnome devs do! 🤯 These dudes must be really wasted to produce such a trashy product! 🤮

append delete #14. Seraf

GNOME is a corporation.

it all makes sense when you realize microsoft (and many others corporations) hate open source.. but have ’embraced it’ .. to destroy it

i think their dialogue about alt-tab makes no sense, it isn’t good for the user.. by design, on purpose

they don’t want you to use it.

they kicked off their user base and DON’T WANT THEM BACK

and they want normal people to try linux and think it sucks because of it

it all makes sense when you see it is intentional

corporations are soulless, lifeless, dead entities that seek their own survival above all else.

good people justify their actions because they are doing it for corporate interests, not ours and that is what our Declaration of Independence actual excluded corporations from forming. delaware broke that rule and allowed corporations to form.

all this suffering because of that choice, i say.

because I don’t think you can find any justification or motivation for these people to continue doing what they are doing

their corporate sponsors are apparently happy with their work!

~ marc


append delete #15. AaronTechnic


GNOME is not designed for smartphone? What kind of smartphone would have a dock bar, menu bar, windowed multi-tasking and shit like that?

Comparing Windows and GNOME, I'd choose Windows any day. I'd rather have a proper functioning desktop OS rather than a macOS wannabe. Heck, even macOS is more pleasant to use than GNOME.

append delete #16. i386


But you are not supposed to use fancy stuff on lower end computers, they are "low-end" for a reason you know?

Says who? I use iLinux on an old Pentium 4 with all the fancy stuff and LMAO with your bullshit! 🤣

append delete #17. Alvaro

This reading opened my eyes to the grave danger Gnome represents.


(Leave this as-is, it’s a trap!)

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