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OMG! A distro hopper Graphic Designer tries iLinux ;-)

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Hey everybody!

At first I saw the Graphic Design/Web Design apps iLinux has preinstalled. Then I noticed the number of built-in fonts. Then I stumbled upon the image effects/converters and pdf creation embedded in the file manager. And I said to myself "you gotta try this out"...

Putting aside the enormous download (I later understood that what you download is what you get) iLinux is a graphic designer's heaven as far as linux distros go. For a distro hopper iLinux feels very weird at first but after two months I find myself going daily back and forth between my Mac and my iLinux rig exchanging files with Dukto (what a great app!!!). iLinux's bulk image effects/converters/rotator in right-click submenu of the file manager are incomparable. No special apps, no terminal commands, NO TIME WASTED. Just point and click and you have a copy of the image file(s) with the effect/conversion applied. Also the right-click PDF/ISO creator is a great addition. Right-click menu bulk SVG converter is a fantastic tool for converting SVG files to any DPI resolution image (WOW!!!) without opening Inkscape or any other app.

The time you need to do things in iLinux is way less than in any other OS or linux distro. It has so many options built in the right-click menu that my everyday flow is now noticeable quicker and so much smoother leaving me more time to focus on the creative part of my job. With iLinux I now find myself doing more graphic design work in linux with Inkscape rather with Illustrator in Mac, something I didn't do with any other distro.

A special mention for the Semantic Folders: this right-click menu option is one of my all time favorites in iLinux. I can group my folders/jobs in both color and symbol and make my workflow easy peasy! Color alone just don't cut it and folder labels are too small. The big logos in Semantic Folders are fabulous and you can take that to the bank!

To the small things now: all these small tools preinstalled in iLinux make my life as a user/designer so much easier that in those two months I don't distro hop anymore. Color pickers, ruler, screen magnifier, QR and so much more. Easy Access is a life saver and Extras are pretty cool even though I wished for a free clip art section there. The buit-in collection of free fonts is amazing and the embedded Google Web Fonts browser/installer rocks!

Last but not least I really dig the interface themes a lot. Whether you come from Mac or Windows there is a theme for you. Being a distro hopper I have seen countless themes in many distros. What I dig in iLinux themes/folders is the pastel colors and the lack of blinding high contrast in colors. But most of all I dig the visual consistency whether I open an old app or a relatively new one. Most linux themes fail in this matter, especially new ones.

p.s. Servers look exciting too but not my thing. Glad they're there though if I ever need them cause they look pretty darn simple.

Conclusion: iLinux is certainly not the norm in linux distros but it nails it like no other distro can. The more you use it the more you get hooked in it. It may not get updates as often as other distros but who cares when everything rolls so smooth and with so much candy at your fingertips?!

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append delete #1. Animal

Just tried image effects in file manager right click menu and WOW! Not much but essential and the bulk feature saves you time when having many images. Nice!

append delete #2. i386

Built-in image effects are indeed very handy!

append delete #3. PC1999

Hey! I'm a graphic designer and been test driving iLinux for some days now and it feels right! A linux nerd homie referred me and I can say it's very pro. Very easy, stable and full of goodies!

append delete #4. Dimitris

Having Mobirise preinstalled is fantastic! Mobirise is by far the easiest web design software on the market and it's FREE! After so many months using iLinux for various projects it never stop to amaze me....

append delete #5. Susan

iLinux overall interface and design philosophy is so well thought it's really breathtaking.

And not only for Graphic Designers.

It covers almost every user case with ease.

append delete #6. Seraf

It's always a joy to see what other people make of iLinux and how it affects their lives. iLinux has a growing faithful audience that (maybe for the first time) realize the true potential of Linux without the toxicity. iLinux saves you time and money and fills your computer with fun and marvel. Of course trolls and provocateurs will always strike to this forum but in the end all that remains is the bliss of using iLinux everyday as a main OS...

append delete #7. tuxer2000

WOW! Great review man! It's a great distro!

append delete #8. Macintosh Die Hard

Ahoy there!

iLinux OS reminds me of Snow Leopard a lot, one of the best OS Apple has ever produced! iLinux OS feels as beautiful and snappy as Snow Leopard but with far more goodies! I love the variety of themes and icons! And I absolutely love the fact that it can run like a breeze on old machines! I am an old school graphic designer and iLinux OS gave me new perspective. I have an M1 Mac too with Ventura but I love playing and design with my iLinux OS old laptop all the time!

New macOS versions are so iOS... I love this pure computer feeling of iLinux OS! Retro and modern at the same time. Oh I am getting too nostalgic with this and I love it!

Oh and iLinux OS Servers combo is fantastic! I never played with servers before but iLinux OS makes it so darn easy I'm getting the hang of it!

Kudos on a job well done folks!

append delete #9. Terry A Davis

It must not be as powerful as TempleOS. Everything uses vector graphics. Even the sprites. You can include vector graphics directly in the code. You just need to draw them and then they will show up. 16 colors prevents you from picking from 16,777,216 colors. 640x480 means it will look the same size on every computer.

append delete #10. iLinux Support Team

@Terry A Davis

You need therapy.

Terry A Davis was a mentally ill person and is deceased.

Learn to respect mentally ill people and their families.

You Linux Mafia Army thugs are ruthless and soulless and you don't hesitate to use a dead mentally ill person to attack iLinux OS and to promote your dark totalitarian technofascist agenda.

You are disgusting.

append delete #11. Uli

I do graphic design and iLinux has a lot helpful tools, more compared to ubuntu studio and its lighter also. I'm a Mac user and like the overall philosophy and that it's free. I prefer iLinux as a help computer compared to Windows.


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