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Live wallpapers addition is fantastic!

append delete Animal

I really dig the new live wallpapers addition in iLinux! Especially the ability to play video/gif playlists and not just a single video/gif! Also very usefull the option to play with or without sound! I watch movies on my desktop while working! I'm going ballistic with this feature! Very well done and very low on cpu usage!! 😀 🕺

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append delete #1. Animal

WOW!!!! I put the subtitles file of the movie I was watching as live wallpaper and I can see the subtitles too in the live wallpaper! That's amazing!!!!

append delete #2. i386

Wow indeed! Nice!

append delete #3. DigiDeLorean

Wonderful implementation! Very straightforward! I like the option for subtitles in movies!

append delete #4. linux junkie 92

really funky app!! playlist is da bomb!!

append delete #5. Fried Chicken Strips

it's a very good and useful feature!

append delete #6. Disco Nick 1988

It rocks! I now have a live Disco as a desktop! I put all my favourite disco videos in the playlist and it's disco time all day! Using my computer just got a lot sexier! Let's party!!!!

append delete #7. tuxer2000


append delete #8. rpi4fun

Haven't seen it on the last Raspberry update. 😢 Any chance you will add it in the future?

append delete #9. Atari gremlin


append delete #10. C64

cool!!! i can even right-click on the desktop while video is playing!

append delete #11. iLinux Support Team


The necessary software was not available for ARM CPU.

We have it on our to do list though!

append delete #12. reddit_lol

I love live wallpapers!!!!!

append delete #13. Seraf

I put some retro animated gifs and I am getting too nostalgic! Fabulous! Great way to spice up my desktop!

append delete #14. friendly cyborg

wow! riced some cyberspace videos and it awesome! great job! 🎉

append delete #15. José Tux

ima put anime gifs and look mucho fantastico! hola hola!

append delete #16. Kathy

Grabbed some hd videos from and OMG my desktop is glamourous!! 💋💋💋

append delete #17. Akira X

live walls are magic!

append delete #18. Super Mario

Live walls app in iLinux is great! Absolutely loved the feature to play videos with or without sound and gifs as well!! My desktop is now happier and more fun! Subtitles option in movies is a great asset too! Overall the implementation rocks!

append delete #19. Elrond

Very nostalgic.... Some LOTR clips, some hd gifs... Great!

append delete #20. reddit_lol

live walls are lol lol

I use videos and gifs together and it's so psychedelic :-P

append delete #21. Uli

love it!!!! very nice!!!!!!

append delete #22. Sonic de Lonic

Beautiful! I'm so hooked up with this! Kudos!

append delete #23. happy tux

Amazing! That's a feature every linux distro should have! Latest macOS has it but not as customizable and extended as in iLinux!

append delete #24. ubunti

very lol feature! fullscreen movie with subs as desktop? lol extreme!

append delete #25. C64

Hey iLinux team! I had this crazy idea!!! Can you make a YouTube video play as the desktop background?! 🤩

C64 added on

I mean enter the videos's address and play wihtout downloading it as a file and put it in playlist folder. 🤓

append delete #26. iLinux Support Team



Good idea!

We will see if it can be done. 😁

append delete #27. AxelF

Animated wallpapers is great and the playlist feature is awesome! With playlist you never get bored!

append delete #28. Annoula

That's brilliant! Extremely low on CPU usage, very simple to use and the playlist option is amazing!

Tried Komorebi before but it was too complex.

append delete #29. anime

so happy!! my beloved anime gifs are now my wallpapers! XOXO

append delete #30. Lily

looks very cool! tried some hd space videos and I'm going ballistic!! 😎 working with animated desktop is an absolute joy!

append delete #31. mokimoki

🙋i just love this feature! 💙💚💜💛


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