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How can I install GNOME in iLinuxOS?

append delete th329

Hello. I really love iLinuxOS, especially with 500 preinstalled applications. It helped me reduce the deployment time on masses.
I wanted to take advantage of 500 preinstalled applications and all other convenient stuff that iLinuxOS provides, but I just couldn't stand the default desktop environment, in my opinion it looks messy and bloated with unnecessary stuff. I would like something much simpler and modern like GNOME.
How can I replace the default desktop environment with GNOME? Any help is appreciated, thanks.

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append delete #1. Susan

GNOME is messy and bloated and full of bugs...


GNOME Linux — A Complete Disaster?


Gnome 40 - The anti-desktop desktop


Why is Gnome Hated?


And don't forget that GNOME propaganda machine is heavily funded by companies.

GNOME is a free product made by GNOME Foundation, which is a non-profit company founded in 2000 by companies such as IBM, Sun Microsystems, Compaq and Red Hat. On its advisory board there are many big players, like Google, Canonical, Debian, SUSE and System76. Its annual income has been around 1 million dollars since 2018. Red Hat estimated that 70% of the code committed for GNOME comes from paid participants who work for other companies. So essentially this is not a bunch of volunteer geeks who like to code in the night just for fun, but rather a company with direct and indirect employees, managers, directors, deadlines and a product that needs to make a profit for its investors and shareholders.

It is important to remember all that when talking about GNOME...

append delete #2. th329

Are you okay @Susan?

You can hate on GNOME, but I like to use it, that's my choice.

It's simple, it's modern, it supports Wayland (which have better performance than X11, and obviously I wanted to run Waydroid too) and actively maintained. The latest GNOME 44 "Kuala Lumpur" is very cool with many new features and bug fixes. It also very lightweight compared to Windows (even though it still eats like 900 MB of RAM on idle with no background applications), and in general GNOME just looks better than the iLinuxOS desktop environment.

append delete #3. Susan

Are you ok @th329?

For a failed paid GNOME fanboy you are not doing so well...

append delete #4. th329

You call me a "paid GNOME fanboy" just because I asked how can I install GNOME on iLinuxOS?
Hey, you are rude. Can you respect others opinions? Just because you are a GNOME hater doesn't mean others think the same.
If you hate GNOME, fine, I don't care. Don't be so rude to others. Get a life.
I like GNOME because of its simplicity, others like Xfce4 for its lightweight nature, others like MATE, some like KDE Plasma. "opinion" exists you know?

Again, I will repeat my question again.
Since iLinuxOS use Debian 10 as the base, is there anyway to replace the default desktop environment with GNOME (GNOME 39 or GNOME 40 should be fine)? Thanks.

append delete #5. th329

Are there any moderators around? You guys let people like @Susan go around and bully others? That's not nice and will create a bad first-impression for others.

append delete #6. Susan


You are the GNOME bully around here.

Pick any GNOME distro and live bugilly ever after...

append delete #7. th329

No one asked for your opinion, period.
Get a life.

Literally the worst community forum I've ever seen in my entire life.
Asking for guidance on installing GNOME -> get bullied. Like, what? Stop being an eight-years-old and go outside. No one cares about your opinion.

Hate GNOME? Fine. I don't care.

What if I want to use iLinuxOS? You are going to tell me to "fuck off"?

append delete #8. th329

Oh, and funny enough...
I thought you are serious at first.
But using a Linux meme subreddit to support your opinion is the dumbest thing I've ever seen.
Your opinion does not represent the whole Linux community.

Isn't this an "Opinion" chat? Why act so aggressive?

append delete #9. iLinux Support Team


This forum is a NO CENSORSHIP zone with Absolute Freedom of Speech.

There are no Moderators here. We do not "moderate" Free Speech.

append delete #10. th329

Even for people like @Susan who go around and bully people because they like GNOME?
That wasn't freedom of speech anymore, it's bullying at that point.

append delete #11. iLinux Support Team


You are the GNOME bully here.

Let us remind you that at 22 Apr 2023 04:39:47 you said to Susan:

No one asked for your opinion, period.

append delete #12. i386

GNOME is losing the linux game despite the millions of dollars flowing into it and they will try everything to ease their fall and keep the money coming...

With millions of dollars flowing in their pockets, of course it is a company covered by the "non profit foundation" label...

Yeah right... If it wasn't for the millions of dollars flowing in their pockets GNOME would already be dead.

Some naive people right here. Gnome has nothing of a community, it's actually one of the least community-driven project in the Linux world. Of course they go hard on their propaganda that it is, but we all know it's as fake a community as it gets.

i386 added on

Funny they target iLinux now...

append delete #13. th329

You are the GNOME bully here.

Who did I bully? You? Susan?

So liking GNOME is a crime now? Am I going to be in the jail just because I like GNOME? So I'm forced to use Xfce4 and MATE now? When the Linux world is not about the freedom of choice anymore?

Why you guys act so aggressively to me? Can't we just have a civil discussion? Sure you might hate GNOME but everyone has different opinions.

Fine, I will just try to figure it out myself then.

Thanks for the totally "awesome" community forum where most people are toxic. iLinuxOS is not that bad, but its community...

God even the support team is so toxic. The worst community forum of 2023.

That's all I'm going to say. I'm not going here ever again. Bye.

append delete #14. th329

Also, I wanted to say this.

GNOME is losing the linux game despite the millions of dollars flowing into it and they will try everything to ease their fall and keep the money coming...

Google, Microsoft, RedHat and a lot of other big corporations also has paid staff contributed to the Linux kernel. So stop acting like GNOME is the only project that create profits. If you all hate GNOME that much, why not replace the Linux kernel and Debian core with FreeBSD? Debian has paid staff working on it, too.

They are people, they need to eat, too, just like you.

append delete #15. th329

GNOME, Linux, Debian. Ubuntu, etc. are open source.
If it's really buggy as @Susan, try to fix it yourself. It's open source, free, and GPL licensed. Fix it yourself then.

Did it really that buggy? I have used GNOME 40 and GNOME 41, and it's really lightweight.
I can attach a screenshot of my GNOME desktop here too if you wanted to see it. It feels snappy and customizable.

The GNOME developers did make some questionable decisions though, but that can be easily fixed with extensions.

append delete #16. Susan


I know you have to eat too.

So take your fascist GNOME propaganda machine and go to a fascist "Moderated" forum. After all only in fascist "Moderated" forums you feel comfortable by censoring/hating anything and anyone that's not in favour of your beloved GNOME.

append delete #17. Seraf

The only people who use GNOME nowadays are GNOME developers and employees who don't have any other choice. GNOME is the worst desktop interface ever. Period. Mostly Javascript based, buggy as hell and slower than a handicapped snail on drugs.

And that brings us to the million dollar question: Why IBM, Sun Microsystems, Compaq, Red Hat, Google, Canonical, Debian, SUSE and System76 throw millions of dollars to a doomed and hated project that destroys the Linux User Experience?

append delete #18. Animal


Dude you nailed it rotten with that question! I really enjoyed the articles Susan posted! GNOME is a well funded corpse and an ongoing disaster for crying out loud! R.I.P. GNOME and good riddance! :-P


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