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Finally iLinux OS for Raspberry Pi! 🎉

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OK I am officially blown! 🤩 It was a long wait but it was worth it down to the last day! 2 days with iLinux for RPI and WTF have this dev bunch done again?! 1 year ago since I asked them about the timeline of iLinux RPI and then silence. And out of the blue last week voila! I was eyeballing the dev progress and I was holding my breath. If they could pull it correctly for RPI it would be way too cool! And they did! If you've used iLinux on PC you'll feel right as rain. Almost everything is there and rolling smooth as usual. The interface is exactly the same and the focus to details is obvious like in the PC version. Not so many apps as in AMD/Intel version preinstalled but many non the less. PiApps is preinstalled so you have many more to download. Conclusion: iLinux for RPI transforms your RPI to a real computer with a wow interface for any given purpose. So again kudos to the devs and thanks for all the fish! 😍

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Raspberry iLinux has so many apps preinstalled that i doubt anyone will use PiApps often. PiApps is usefull but some installs are Wine based and download a ton of dependencies plus they may not work. On the flipside PiApps has much better interface than PiKiss's terminal interface.

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iLinux rocks on my Raspi4! Very nice job! 🎉

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iLinux OS for Raspberry Pi is by far the best OS for Raspberry I have ever used and I have tried them all.

It runs like velvet on my RasPi 4 and I am very curious to give it a test drive on a RasPi 3 and even on a RasPi Zero.

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Tested it yesterday on raspberry pi 4 and it rocks! The interface is identical and everything works as expected! Raspberry with iLinux is a great tech gift idea! Cheap and fabulous! And for server it beats hands down the competition with flying colors!

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It's amazing what you can do with a Raspberry Pi with iLinux on it! It can compete heads on with Macs and PCs! Default Raspberry Pi OS is of course out of the question and nothing I've used so far on Raspberry can compare to iLinux....

The maturity of this OS is out of this planet no matter if it's on PC or Raspberry. No whistles no fanfares. Pure essence. Usable, solid and beautiful. Congrats and thanks to the devs. My 2 cents.

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Wow! Been gone for a long time and what a surprise!! I have a Raspberry 400 and I'll try it tomorrow! Downloading now! 😎

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OK. iLinux on Raspberry simply rocks! Best Raspberry distro ever! Professional to the bone and a joy to use just like the PC version! You will feel right as home from the first minute and you gotta love the new version logo with the sun! My Raspberry is reborn! Truth is none of the other distros felt even remotely like iLinux. iLinux feels so good...

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I am almost tempted to buy a Raspberry Pi just to see iLinux running on it... 🤓😜


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