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Do you think iLinux OS is better than Linux Mint?

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Hello. I would like to ask the lead developer of iLinux OS if he thinks iLinux OS is better than Linux Mint and if yes why?

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append delete #1. iLinux Creator

They are different.

Instead of thinking in terms of "better than", think in terms of "what do Ι need to do", try them both and see which one is best for your needs.

append delete #2. Mint4ever

You are avoiding the question...

append delete #3. iLinux Creator

I am answering the question.

It's just not the answer you expected...

append delete #4. Nicholas3

No it isn't. I tried it out on a new computer and it sucks. Everything is slow, it takes over a minute just to reach the login screen, and it comes with remote desktop software active at all times. It also takes up 70% of my hard drive's space, and most of the software is bloat. Linux Mint on the other hand only takes up about 10% of my hard drives, takes seconds to boot, and comes with useful software by default.

#5. iLinux Support Team

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append delete #6. iLinux Support Team


and it comes with remote desktop software active at all times

AnyDesk or TeamViewer is not open by default in iLinux OS.

Check AnyDesk Settings, TeamViewer Settings and iLinux OS > Control Center > Startup Applications.


I tried it out on a new computer and it sucks

You tried it?

You tried it on a new computer?

You tried it on a new computer with SSD or with a 4200 RPM mechanical hard disk?


It also takes up 70% of my hard drive's space

We are not responsible for the size of your hard drive.


and most of the software is bloat

Since you are playing the Bloat Card again, let's hear some opinions about "Bloat" from the internet:


Bloat and the Linux Mafia Army...


Linux Bloat?? Give It A Rest Already. Linux Distros Are Fine Just The Way They Are.


One person's bloat is another person's treasure.

The big selection of distributions is a great advantage of Linux. The prejudice and fanatism of some Linux people is a big disadvantage.

I say bloated is a Linux distro that lags or freezes when doing normal stuff.


I've had enough with anyone calling any Linux distro BLOAT when they don't have valid arguments and I am not talking about iLinux here.

I have seen minimal distros called BLOATED just because somebody wants to discredit them without any valid arguments.

The amount of Linux distros states that there are countless types of perspectives on how an OS should look and operate. And countless types of users and distros for every need. That's the beauty of Linux. Power of choice and Diversity.

The "BLOAT" argument is typical of a Linux Corporate Complex Fanboy narrative and it has no credit at all. Period.


And there is NO bloat like a user that judges a linux distro by it's download size.

And there is NO bigger bloat than a user that judges a linux distro by it's download size.

According to this BLOATED logic all linux distros with small download size are good and all distros with 5GB+ download size are trash... 🤣🤣🤣

MIRACLE LINUX is a 7.9GB download. Is it bloat?

CentOS 9 is an 8GB download. Is it bloat?

ALT Linux is an 8GB download. Is it bloat?

Rocky Linux is a 9GB download. Is it bloat?

Plamo Linux is a 9GB download. Is it bloat?

Oracle Linux is a 9.3GB download. Is it bloat?

Navy Linux is a 9.8GB download. Is it bloat?

AlmaLinux OS is an 11GB download. Is it bloat?

Kali Linux is an 11GB download. Is it bloat?

SUSE Linux Enterprise is a 12GB download. Is it bloat?

EuroLinux is a 13GB download. Is it bloat?

Endless OS is a 17GB download. Is it bloat?

BlackArch Linux is a 18GB download. Is it bloat?

iLinux OS is a 22GB download. Is it bloat?


Compared to Windows throughout the ages?...ANY version of Linux is "lightweight"! I use Fedora and Mint, Ubuntu, ElementaryOS, and ZorinOS, and some have more applications than others....I don't believe in "stripping" an OS down to a terminal and some conky windows. I am practical, and believe in a practical OS, which means a GUI, and an Office Suite and, and things like a calculator, a screenshot tool, a media player (for those coding session with Geany!) and a pleasant look. This nonsense about your web browser using up RAM that could be used "elsewhere"?....uhhm..when I need to browse the web I don't CARE how much RAM is being used....I NEED TO BROWSE THE WEB...and the entire premise of having MORE RAM in a system is so that it can be USED! Just sad, that some people have nothing better to do than to nit-pick over bullsh*t like this! Hahaha! The entire reason why people go out and buy systems with 16 / 32GB of RAM? so that the argument about something using up too much RAM?...DIES! To those who think anything that has a window manager is bloat? you're the problem..the days of a screen full of terminals has passed, people now?...use Linux....not just to check their system resources or to "rice" their desktop, but to WORK and EARN a LIVING! and they don't have time to edit config files just to make their system use .003% less RAM resources. Instead they want to connect remotely to servers and to edit their videos / audio to their liking. Please collect your lint balls and coupons and head back into your basement. You're not helping the Open Source cause with your ignorance.

That is all.

As for the argument that there are too many distros, to those people who thin like that? need to submit your name and identification and then?...when you go out to do anything? show that card and that will let the retailer / restaurant know that you only are to be offered TWO OPTIONS regardless of what you're shopping for. TWO versions of shoes, jeans, colognes, soaps, toothpaste, vitamins, hamburger, steak, ice cream, coffee, soda etc. because it is obvious you have a "weak" mind that cannot choose between more than a binary choice. Which is sad because that ONE thing? It's what makes Linux superior.


I said it before, and I'll say it again: there are two very different things folks refer to as "bloat".

The first is stuff they, personally don't need. Well, someone else might well adore it, so I don't think it actually counts. I like the eyecandy in my Manjaro KDE, and I run two different office suites for different purposes. There's loads of space left on my SDDs, everything runs smoothly, no problem.

The other kind of bloat is a different matter: sloppy programming that leads to processes using up way more resources than would be the case if people coded more efficiently. That is the kind of stuff that should be the focus of bloat haters. It just doesn't happen as often as folks prepackaging software with their distros or trying to make them look nice.

append delete #7. Linux Soul


All Linux Distros are important and valuable.

Want to know why?

Because the people that build them did it with love and enthusiasm...

You may disagree with their perspective but you have to respect any effort, because from effort comes beauty and perfection.

For example, I can't use Arch because it's hard to setup but I respect the developers who had that dream and made it true.

Don't be so negative.

Open your mind.

append delete #8. Terry A. Davis

TempleOS doesn't have any bloat. Everything is accessible to you. Everything is compiled on boot. I wrote my own fast compiler. You can access and change every single line of the source code from within the OS. It gets compiled the next time you use TempleOS. TempleOS is 16.5 MB. When fully installed, it's 22 MB. "iLinux" OS is 23.5 GB. When fully installed, it's 61.5 GB. Which one is smaller? TempleOS comes with useful software out of the box. Is TempleOS 2.5x the size when installed? Does TempleOS take over a minute to boot? Is TempleOS 32-bit?

append delete #9. iLinux Support Team

@Terry A Davis

You need therapy.

Terry A Davis was a mentally ill person and is deceased.

Learn to respect mentally ill people and their families.

You Linux Mafia Army thugs are ruthless and soulless and you don't hesitate to use a dead mentally ill person to attack iLinux OS and to promote your dark totalitarian technofascist agenda.

You are disgusting.


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