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Code the Classics games!

append delete DigiDeLorean

Nice touch adding the Raspberry Pi "Code the Classics" games to iLinux! These games are so beautiful and their gameplay is so addicting! Reminds me of the old arcade halls!

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append delete #1. i386

Retro games with HD graphics! Cool!

append delete #2. i386

Heads up! Code the Classics games are: Boing, Bunner, Cavern, Myriapod and Soccer.

#3. rpi4fun

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append delete #4. rpi4fun

So happy! Played them on Pi and now on my pc too!! Happy happy!!!

append delete #5. C64

Ah! Arcade halls!! So much vivid memories...

Nice games with great graphics!

append delete #6. reddit_lol

Wonderful and addictive games!

append delete #7. Seraf

Arcades... Those were the days... Nice games!

append delete #8. José Tux

funky games bro! hola!

append delete #9. Kathy

All new games rock! Too bad they can't be full screen! Darn!

append delete #10. Super Mario

I agree with @Kathy that no full screen is a turnoff but the gameplay in these games is very addictive and a lot of fun so they're great! Nicely done porting them to iLinux!

append delete #11. Alicia K

awesome games lol 💜

append delete #12. BobBob

I love Bunner!

append delete #13. Alvaro

Cavern is the best! 😻


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