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Can you make a lightweight ilinux download

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I want to try out the ilinuxos on a laptop. the hard drive in the laptop is 32gb large. I try to download ilinuxos but it is to large too fit on the drive to install. Can you make a smaller version of the os with only few softwares built in?. i will test it and it looks good from the screen shots!. Thank you..

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For starters, you can try it from a Fast USB Stick or from an External Hard Disk .

As you can see in our Development Progress , "iLinux OS 3 Mini 64/32 Bit" and "iLinux OS Rolling 64 Bit AMD Intel" are on the way and they will be smaller. Our goal is to keep them around 3 GB.

All iLinux OS Mini versions and Rolling, will be ISOs with built-in installer.

A full IMG version will be released later.


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