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Add Giara, please?

append delete Fоtini

Giara is a reddit client for the reddit users. Install it from flatpak. Thank you iLinux Support Team!

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append delete #1. iLinux Support Team


Please elaborate.

You want us to add Giara to the preinstalled Applications in the next Download Update?

append delete #2. Fоtini


append delete #3. iLinux Support Team

We will consider it.

Until then you can install it yourself.

append delete #4. Fotini

@iLinux Support Team

I am the real "fotini" and I didn't start this thread but OK. It's fun seing them try to achieve the unachievable...

As @root said, It must be relative to the security breach described in :

Oh, by the way, thank you for showing us that you have managed to hack your way into the security of this Forum Software (which is not Developed by us) and that you can post as us, aka "iLinux Creator" or "iLinux Support Team", but we will never lock or shut down this forum because we have a little surpise for you.

append delete #5. гoot

It's very disgusting on how hackers want to hack a very peaceful forum....

append delete #6. root


Real "root" here:

Are you done masturbating?

append delete #7. гoot


What do you mean?

append delete #8. root


Real "root" here:

Are you done masturbating by pretending you are me?

append delete #9. гoot

duh ! ofc


(Leave this as-is, it’s a trap!)

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