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append delete Pedro M

Ahoy there!!

I really really love Semantic Folders but I can't understand why they are not grouped under ONLY ONE SUBMENU and are scattered all around the Right Click Menu.

It would be more functional and more logically classified this way in the menu.

In addition, it makes the Right Click Menu longer than it should be for small screens like mine (I have a netbook)...

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#1. iLinux OS Creator

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append delete #2. iLinux Creator


That was the intention but it was a Code Dead End.

So I had to choose between:

1) Embed Semantic Folders scattered all around the Right Click Menu.

2) Do not embed Semantic Folders to iLinux OS initial release.

I chose #2 since I too love Semantic Folders! ;-)

Never the less, creating a Universal Semantic Folders Menu remains as a thing To Do, if we can get around the Code Dead End...

append delete #3. Pedro M

I couldn't live without Semantic Folders! ;-P

Hope you figure it out soon enough...


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