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append delete Bruce

I gave it a try from USB Stick and all I can say is wow!

This thing is really portable and so well designed...

It is clear that the developer has put some really serious work into this beast...

Bruce added on

And I really like that I don't have to Register to write in this Forum!

It's Freedom baby yeah!

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append delete #1. iLinux Creator

I have put a lot of Love in iLinux... ;-)

As Steve Jobs said: "The only way to do great work is to love what you do!"

Glad you like it!

append delete #2. Bruce

I am exploring iLinux day by day and I like the care that has been put into details and to all those little things that make things easier for us Users.

I have one question though: Is there a way to put Control Bar to the bottom of the screen? I like the dock but being a Windows user for many years makes me looking for the Taskbar quite often! :-)

append delete #3. iLinux Creator

Of course there is a way to put Control Bar to the bottom of the screen but it hasn't been implemented in iLinux Control Bar Settings for the following reasons:



Wasted Time and Wrist and Eye Fatigue.

One of the main goals of iLinux Interface is to be more practical and more ergonomic than Windows & Mac.

In Windows you waste time by constantly moving the mouse Up & Down to go from Taskbar to App Window Menu/Window Buttons and vice versa.

In Mac you waste time by constantly moving the mouse Up & Down to go from Dock to Menu Bar/Window Buttons and vice versa.

It may not seem a lot of time at first but if you calculate how many time you loose during the day you will be stunned, especially if you have a big screen...

So, iLinux Control Bar is fixed at the top of the screen to minimize the time and distance you need to go from Control Bar to App Window Menu/Window Buttons and vice versa, and thus to reduce Wrist and Eye Fatigue to the minimum.



You must disable or move the Bottom Dock which will displease Mac Users.

Most Users need a familiar environment when they try Linux.

Since iLinux Workspace Switcher resides on the Left of the screen, if you move Control Bar to Bottom and Dock to Top or Left, it will be awkward for Windows and Mac Users alike...

So with Control Bar on Top and Dock on Bottom i think all Users will be happy!

append delete #4. Bruce

Well, there's a point I've never thought before...


Now that you mentioned it I really do go from bottom to top and vice versa all day on my 22" monitor Windows 10 system...

append delete #5. nikos

And if someone doesn't want the Dock and only wants the Control Bar at bottom?! Why shouldn't we have that choice?

append delete #6. iLinux Creator


I don't deprive anyone from their choices. Having choices is good!

I would like to hear a counter argument (...other than habit...) on my "Wasted Time and Wrist and Eye Fatigue" thesis above.

If you can persuade me otherwise I promise I will put that option in Control Bar!

Fair enough for you?!

append delete #7. nikos

Well, you have a very strong point and I can't argue with that even if I would like this option to be included in Control Bar for habit reasons... :-)

At first it sounded crazy but when I did some practical calculations I saw that a lot of time is wasted during my workload going up and down all the time in a 27 inch monitor.

Until next time... have a nice day!


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