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Why I love iLinux OS!


I use iLinux OS for the past 4 months and Linux for the last decade or so. Migrated from Windows to Macs at 2008 changed my perspective and my life. With Macs taking a totally different path since Steve Jobs died, options became less than ever.

Microsoft Windows are a nightmare. Macs are becoming more and more like iOS devices everyday and cost way too much, so I turned to Linux for salvation while still using my old Macs.

Until I found iLinux OS I was "tormented" by Linux Distros that, despite the best efforts and intentions of their developers, were not mature products for simple everyday Users but Hobby Experimentations or Linux Lobby Distros for any given purpose. Admirable nonetheless but not enough for me.

As a simple everyday User I need a PRODUCT that just works. Period. Plain and simple. Nothing less.

Learning through experimentation with Linux is a very good thing and everyone should do it (i 've done my share), BUT ONLY AFTER THE WORK GETS DONE WITH AN OPERATING SYSTEM THAT JUST WORKS OUT OF THE BOX, WITH A USER EXPERIENCE AT LEAST EQUAL TO THE "MAC OS" OF STEVE JOBS ERA.

And to get the work done you must not be forced to waste hours, days, weeks or months to get your Computer to do what you want it to do.

You must just open it and work or have fun. Anything less is pure failure from a Consumer's perspective.

I am fed up and done with Apple's marketing extortions: Want the latest Mac OS? Spend 1000s of dollars to buy a new Mac! Bought a new Mac? Buy new Apps because your old Apps don't work with our new Mac OS! Your new Mac's RAM/Disk failed out of warranty? Buy a new Mac because RAM/Disk is soldered on the Motherboard! You have updated to Mac OS Big Sur? We transformed your computer to an iPhone, suck it up! Are you offline? You can't open certain Apps! You think your new Mac belongs to you? Sorry, we spy on you, on your location, share your data with the Government and we even know when you open an Application!

iLinux OS gave me back that priceless happy feeling of a computer that smiles back at me, of a computer that is mine, simple, fast, flexible, stable and most of all colorful and happy.

I love that old cozy feeling of a friendly lovable computer, that was designed with a human centered vision and with my needs in mind.

I love that I can have a computer with an Operating System better than Mac OS for FREE.

And for those of you that hate to admit it, iLinux OS is a very well designed FREE PRODUCT that just works out of the box like a PLUG AND PLAY DEVICE.

It's not another Experimental or Linux Lobby Distro.

It's exactly what simple everyday Users want.

It's what was missing from the computer landscape.

And that's why it will succeed beyond any expectation, slander or hatred.

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