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Why Copyrights???????? Why not only Free Open Source Software??????


I am looking at the lovable interface you have built (themes-icons-artifacts-code-automations) but I find it impossible to bare + understand + accept some things:

1_ Why have you Copyrighted all your work???? Why can't the rest of us use it on our distros of choice or on the distros we are building?????

2_ Why didn't you use only FOSS (Free Open Source Software) for iLinux so that it can be widely distributed for free???? It's so00000 much better than Ubuntu!!!!!!!!!

3_ Why don't you allow us to edit + modify + redistribute iLinux? Why so selfish????? Why so capitalist???????? Why so narrow minded????

I urge you to reconsider your attitude towards the Linux Community + change this License right away + get rid of all non free software in your distro.........

If you want to be another Bill Gates I guarantee you won't succeed..............

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