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Why Copyrights???????? Why not only Free Open Source Software??????

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I am looking at the lovable interface you have built (themes-icons-artifacts-code-automations) but I find it impossible to bare + understand + accept some things:

1_ Why have you Copyrighted all your work???? Why can't the rest of us use it on our distros of choice or on the distros we are building?????

2_ Why didn't you use only FOSS (Free Open Source Software) for iLinux so that it can be widely distributed for free???? It's so00000 much better than Ubuntu!!!!!!!!!

3_ Why don't you allow us to edit + modify + redistribute iLinux? Why so selfish????? Why so capitalist???????? Why so narrow minded????

I urge you to reconsider your attitude towards the Linux Community + change this License right away + get rid of all non free software in your distro.........

If you want to be another Bill Gates I guarantee you won't succeed..............

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append delete #1. iLinux Creator

Bare, understand and accept:

1) I do not like Threats and Insults, direct or insinuated.

2) I do not respond kindly to Threats or Insults.

3) If you throw me a stone, I will throw back a mountain.

I am an Advocate for Free Speech On-Line but I won't tolerate Threats or Insults.

append delete #2. Anonym

iLinux is not even listed in Distrowatch and it will never be......

You are doomed to fail and we will see to it you arrogant bastard...............

append delete #3. iLinux Creator

Talk is cheap.

You are precisely following the narrative of a low level paid Fanboy with classic Bullying and Provocative Tactics.

The "Arrogant Bastard" is the face you and your handlers look in the mirror every single day.

And your digital ruins will be as pathetic as you are when I am done with you and your handlers.

You and your Dogmatic Linux Cult are loosing control over your battle against Linux Evolution.

As a wise man once said:

Linux is a mess because it is semi-randomly evolving while fighting against entropic dogmatic forces that are doing their best to break things and make a mess.


Open Source Software is good and respected but you are a laughable Hypocrite Arrogant Bastard of epic proportions.

99% of Devices, Applicances, Machinery and Vehicles YOU USE run on Proprietary Software but you are Preaching Open Source Software.

The Computer or Tablet or Phone you are using right now to Preach Open Source Software runs on Proprietary Software (Embedded in the Hardware or not).



1. DistroWatch PAGE HIT Ranking Results DO NOT REFLECT the ACTUAL GLOBAL DISTRIBUTION POPULARITY ON THE PLANET but only the DISTRIBUTION POPULARITY OF THE VISITORS of DistroWatch Website and thus cannot be trusted and can be easily manipulated.



There are no figures to back it up

Since there is no way for anyone on the Planet to have ACTUAL COMBINED TELEMETRY DATA FROM EVERY LINUX DISTRIBUTION INSTALLED, everything is SUBJECTIVE.

"Major Distributions" Forum Members Numbers and Forum Posts/Threads Numbers can be easily Manipulated via Paid Personnel, Bots and AI Software.


3. DistroWatch is Money Oriented and Marketing Oriented:

If all this sounds depressing, there is some good news for those developers who absolutely and desperately want to have their distribution listed on DistroWatch today. All you need to do is to buy an advertising banner and your distro will be listed straight away. Additionally, your banner will attract extra visitors to your website. Currently the smallest advertising deal available is 100,000 impressions of a standard leaderboard (728x90 pixels), which costs US$220.00 (half of this amount will be donated to open-source software projects as part of the monthly DistroWatch donations programme).


4. DistroWatch SELLS it's Users Data to HUNDREDS of Companies. DistroWatch DEFAULT Cookie Settings are a Privacy Nightmare.

append delete #4. Sonic de Lonic

@iLinux Creator

...I was wondering when you were going to answer to this thug. I've seen this "Dogmatic Linux Cult" trying to monopolize Linux for decades via intimidation, coordinated character assassination, staged sexual harassment accusations and self-proclaimed Godhood. It's clear that they have a "Central Command" with operatives promoting certain distros. And it's not a coincidence that they treat DistroWatch like the Holy Grail...

append delete #5. Pablo M

I stopped believing in Distrowatch ranks long ago.....

I agree, FOSS is good but I need things done and if FOSS does not suit me I'll use whatever software does the job.

I can't believe there are still people like you in the Linux community. So much negativity only hurts Linux.......

append delete #6. iLinux Creator

@Sonic de Lonic

I have far more important things to do in my life than to immediately answer to Threats & Insults.

All in good time...

#7. Linux Soul

This post was deleted by its owner

append delete #8. Linux Soul


Want to prove the iLinux Developers wrong?

Built a better Distro. Built a better interface.

Stop being such a baby.

append delete #9. AaronTechnic

Your distro sucks okay! iLinux is proprietary software. Richard Stallman and the FSF is going to be disgusted.

append delete #10. iLinux Support Team


"Your distro sucks okay!" is not a substantiated argument based on analyzed facts.

iLinux OS is free and it does not contain only Proprietary Software.

It contains Free Software, Open Source Free Software, Commercial Free Software and Proprietary Free Software as you can see in the iLinux OS License:

The difference between you and us is a mentality point of view.

We believe in Good Software.

We don't care if it is Free, Paid, Open Source or Proprietary, as long as it does not violate our Freedoms and our Rights.

We respect every User and his choices.

After all, there is a reason behind these choices.

We do not hate Microsoft Windows, macOS or other Linux distributions.

We believe that users should use what they think and feel is best for them.

And we deeply respect any User or Developer that sits in front of a computer with a dream to create something wonderful.


Concerning Free Open Source Software (FOSS):

Philosophically and ethically we agree but every day practicality needs things get done.

We support FOSS but in the real world 99% of Devices, Appliances, Machinery and Vehicles YOU USE run on Proprietary Software.

The Computer or Tablet or Phone you are using right now to Preach FOSS runs on Proprietary Software (Embedded in the Hardware or not).

This is pure hypocrisy.

We agree that FOSS is good but we need things get done and if FOSS does not suit us we'll use whatever software does the job.

That's what FOSS Fanatics don't get. Users need things get done. Now.


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