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RE[5]: Too loud ... No installation ... Not compatible with USB 3.0


I do not believe this is a bonafide OS and I don't believe any other comments here are legit. Four USB sticks and three computers later I have come to that conclusion. One of the computers, a 9 year old Dell, had the wifi capability completely wiped out. It NEVER has any issues until the day that the iLinux image was being used. I also have photos of fatal code errors which appear if you hit the ESC key while the boot process is still going on (fatal errors which occurred before the ESC key was deployed). I have 31 years of computer experience and 11 years of Linux experience. Never in my life have I seen the havoc which was created by the iLinux image. There is something very wrong here ... and I believe you and I know exactly what that is.
My sticks & utilized drives have been reformatted with new partition tables.

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