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append delete Linux Soul

I really love all the little important things about iLinux. All that care put into details.

After 2.12 update the "Delete Cache and Thumbnails" app appeared in my Control Center.

So essential and so simple yet not built-in as a Micro App on Windows or macOS. Much like many of the Apps/Functions you have embedded in Control Center.

I very much like your perspective and what you have done to Control Center!

The default Mate installation has an extremely minimal Control Center but you have gone beyond any of my expectations with it! Now it's literally a Control Center. \o/

And I absolutely love the curves the colors, the happy icons and the pastel smooth themes!

And I want to thank you for making my old Computer Fast and Happy again...

P.S. Don't bother with all the Linux trolls. They will never change anyway.

A big hug!! :-D

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