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Review: iLinux OS on Atom CPU Netbook! :-D

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Hello friends!!

I have a 64bit Atom netbook with 2GB Ram and a 5400rpm hard disk that couldn't even run the factory installed Windows 7 Starter....

It was crawwwwwwwwling so I forgot about it......

Time after time I've been experimenting with various Linux distros to make it work but most of them were toooooooo heavy while the lighter ones lacked a decent interface and essential features. Not to mention the time and effort it was needed to make them work as I wanted.....

That was until I stumbled upon iLinux OS!!!!!!!

It's unbelievable how such an advanced operating system can run so well on low spec computers like my Atom Netbook!!!!

And the Apps!! Oh the Apps!!!!! For a user like me that's paradise!!!! No more searching for hours (or days) to find and install what I need. All I need (and much more) is preinstalled and ready for action! And most important of all for FREE!!!

There are over 500 APPS preinstalled. Not 10 or 20 or even 100. 500!!! And we are not talking about bloatware here. We are talking about every day Popular Essential Apps and about quality and professional Apps for almost every use, saving you 1000s of dollars spend on buying Software!!!! And if you need more there is always Software Store with 10000s of Apps to choose from!

The enhancement of the default Mate "Control Center" and the inclusion of other relevant Apps to it makes it unique. You save so much time and you have so many Settings and Functions at your fingertips, that you won't find anything similar to any other Operating System or Linux distro.

One of the aspects of iLinux OS that I also loved is that you don't have to spend money to upgrade your existing computer to run a modern and cutting edge operating system. iLinux OS runs perfectly even on old mechanical hard disks and with Dynamic Virtual Memory you don't need to buy extra Ram.... Of course Dynamic Virtual Memory is slower than having more real Ram but it runs quite descent and smooth!!

Dynamic Virtual Memory is one of my beloved features in iLinux OS because compared to other Linux distros I don't have to choose a virtual memory partition at install and be tight down to that decision. I mean come one guys that make all other Linux distros! Why if I need more virtual memory I am forced to go through a mayhem of steps (or reinstall the system) just to increase the size of my virtual memory partition???? Are you nuts??!! With iLinux OS it's dead simple: You change the size of virtual memory with a SINGLE CLICK. A SINGLE CLICK!!!!!!

And that's what I like the most in iLinux OS: EVERYTHING IS DEAD SIMPLE AND IT WORKS. EVERYTHING. Everything is so well designed with simplicity and ergonomic in mind and far better than Mac or Windows......

To the interface now. This is a whole new biiiiig chapter on it's own....

Unlike Windows or Mac, there so many ways to get things done (iLinux Menu, Easy Access, iLinux Start, Launcher, Right-Click Menu, Predictive "Run...") that every user feels right at home right away!! Even my grandpa and my 4 year old sister where amazed by iLinux Start and Easy Access. And so was I. So practical and so simple and so beautiful, yet you can find it OUT OF THE BOX only on iLinux OS. Not on Macs not on Windows not on other Linux distros..... Even the Right Click Menu is way too far from what you see in Mac or Windows. Not to mention iLinux Menu and Launcher...

And all these combined available to the user OUT OF THE BOX!!!! No additional downloads, no additional installs, no tweaking, no Terminal commands, not searching in Google and Linux forums for hours or days. Just install iLinux OS and you have everything ready to use. :-D

Now, interface customization has been taken to a whole new level by iLinux OS...

Let's see what you get out of the box:

46 Multi-color Light and Dark Window Themes

25 Multi-color Icon Sets

110 Multi-color Cursor Themes

637 Wallpapers

1291 Avatars

271 Sounds for System Events

Just the numbers beat hands down any Operating System around.

The colors chosen for Window Themes and Icons are so soothing and so carefully combined that you won't have a problem with your eyes even if you work for long periods of time on your computer. In addition the colors are Pastel and not Vibrant, which results in a very pleasant and relaxing User Interface.

Semantic Folders is another one of my favorites in iLinux OS. You have so many folder colors and folder icons to visually distinguish your workflow elements that you wonder how you managed to get work done without them before....

Extras folder (in my Home folder) was a very pleasant surprise also! All this high quality FREE extra content saves you time from Googling and it's available for every use. A brilliant idea that has great value for Users.

What I liked the most about the iLinux OS interface is the fact that compared to Mac or Windows or other Linux distros, I don't need to install a bunch of apps/utilities or download themes over themes, wallpapers and icons to be able to customize my computer experience to a satisfying level. Everything is built-in and more come through automatic updates from time to time.

I love the focus to the needs of EVERY KIND OF USER, the passion for perfection (it's obvious), the importance given on detail and the commitment to never settle for anything less than the best.

And for that I am truly grateful to the Team behind iLinux OS. I can't thank you enough for what you offer to us.

Needless to say that I also have an External SSD Disk and a USB Stick with iLinux OS to boot my Windows 10 PC when I want peace of mind and a (better) Mac on my PC.... ....or when I want to drop the jaws of my nerd friends!! ;-P

See you around fellow iLinuxers!

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Glad you like it so much! :-)

The Development of 32 Bit iLinux OS is being done on a 32 Bit Atom Netbook and it runs quite smooth!

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I have an Atom netbook buried somewhere! Just out of curiosity I'll install iLinux on it!

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Nice review man!

My experience with iLinux was similar but on a much faster rig. ;-)

The interface feels so much professional and it's damn fast man!

I couldn't believe it at first...

Windows are now gone and iLinux makes my day every day!

append delete #4. C64

Same here on a forgotten Netbook! Tried many lightweight Linux distros on it but none could match the looks and functionality of iLinux!


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