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OMG why not LibreOffice?

append delete Peter

Hi! I really enjoy iLinux OS but why did you choose WPS Office instead of LibreOffice? WPS is made in Communist China and it's License is of commercial type. I uninstalled it right away and installed LibreOffice and now I am happy! :-)

BTW iLinux has a very smooth interface and I love it! The selection of colors is very soothing and I really enjoy the big curvy buttons but unfortunately no Dark Themes... :-(

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append delete #1. Azrael B

About the Dark Themes issue, do you plan to include any in the near future? I can't find any on the net that has the curves and calm color shades that iLinix's themes have...

append delete #2. iLinux Creator


I believe in Good Software.

I don't care if it is Free, Paid, Open Source or Proprietary, as long as it does not violate my Freedom and my Rights.

And I deeply respect any User or Developer that sits in front of a computer with a dream to create something wonderful!

You can find Good People under the rule of a Totalitarian Regime and Bad People under the rule of a Free Democracy.

No one disagrees that China is under the Rule of a Totalitarian Communist Dictatorship and that all Chinese Private Companies are funded and controlled by the Chinese Communist Party.

It is the same as with some Companies in the "Free" Western World that are secretly funded by Official Rogue Clandestine Agencies.

But WPS Office was not chosen over LibreOffice in terms of Ethnic or Country Origin.

It was chosen straight in terms of Usability and Consistency to the Microsoft Office Interface, with which 99% of the Users are familiar with.

Never the less, if you don't like WPS Office you can simply uninstall it anytime and install the Office Suite of your liking!

And iLinux OS Dark Themes are in Development, so stay tuned! ;-)


@Azrael B

iLinux OS Dark Themes are in Development. Stay tuned! ;-)


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