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New Dark Themes!

append delete Sonic de Lonic


These Dark themes are so smooth to the eye!

Most Dark Themes in other Linux distributions are too intense and the contrast blinds you but these ones are excellent!

Very nice work!

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append delete #1. Kelly Smith

OK, these are the BEST DARK THEMES I HAVE EVER USED. Period.

I tried them out last night and I was so amazed!

Practically no contrast or eye fatigue even after hours of use while on my Mac my eyes pop out from the intense contrast of the bright menu colors.

Especially if combined with Chrome Extension "Night Mode - for all websites" you can work for hours without apps "Screen Light" or "Redshift" activated...

I also like the new Gold light theme very much!

Great work!

append delete #2. Pedro

Very different from what I have tried so far.

All dark themes I found in are indeed very stressful to my eyes but these themes are so eye soothing!

I am very pleased!

Pedro added on

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append delete #3. Linux Soul

These new themes are the best for night work under low light conditions!

No bright letters and that shade of dark gray in the background is ideal. Not to bright not too dark. Perfect!

append delete #4. Bruce

These themes are really really good! I have tried many many dark themes over the years but these are very well designed and the colours are so well chosen and combined for minimal eye distraction.

Especially the black letters are a pleasant surprise since 99% of dark themes around use white or too bright letters that result in too much contrast with the background colour and so make these themes completely useless...

Very good job! Glad to see that there are Developers that care so much for every detail of whatever they release to the users.

Honestly I had lost hope for dark themes for iLinux because too much time has passed since the last discussion

But as it seems you are full of surprises...

append delete #5. Peter

Very professional themes. I like them a lot! Much better than macOS dark themes! Black letters are so eye resting...

append delete #6. Fotini

The new Dark Themes are really good indeed.

You can tell that there is a lot of science behind these color combinations...

Also I would like to point out the amazing level of all iLinux Themes compatibility with old GTK 2 Applications.

99% of newly released Linux UI Themes are not compatible with GTK 2 Applications and even GTK 3 Applications.

iLinux's commitment to backward compatibility is one of it's strongest advantages.


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