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Looking good!!!!

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Wow! That's a keeper! iLinux seems to good to be true but it is! At first I told myself these screenshots are too good to be true but I download it and there you go! Boom!!!! I can't believe I am running iLinux on a 16 year old Pentium D!!!!! I'm installing it on my mom's old Intel Core 2 Duo too!!!! She will love the Start Circle!!!!!!!! I know I do!!!!

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Oh it's true all right...

And it's getting better all the time!

Welcome to our community!

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Update: My mom was having a hard time using Windows or even Mac for years. But with iLinux Start and Easy Access she finally started using a computer daily and she likes it!!!! It's amazing how these two apps can help computer illiterate people and old people to use computers!!! Wow!!!!!!


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