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Is iLinux a SCAM?! People at Linux Mint Forums seem to think so!

iLinux Creator

@Judge Minty

"SCAM" has a specific Legal meaning and it equals "FRAUD".

By Accusing/Slandering someone or a product as Scam/Fraud/Malware, you make very serious Legal Accusations which you will have to PROVE if this ever goes to Court.

Be warned that the contents of this Forum and of the relevant Linux Mint Thread are Archived in Digital and Analog media for future Legal Use.

If you indeed have Evidence and Proof that iLinux OS is a Scam/Fraud/Malware, I dare you to present them here and to the Appropriate Authorities.

We strongly support Free Speech and Uncensored Dialog, and that is why there is No Register/Login function in this Forum.

But we will not tolerate these Illegal Unproven Unsubstantiated Slandering Tactics/Campaigns.


(Leave this as-is, it’s a trap!)

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