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Is iLinux a SCAM?! People at Linux Mint Forums seem to think so!

append delete Judge Minty

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append delete #1. Azrael B


append delete #2. Kelly Smith

The Thread Title in both forums is typical example of a Fanboy's Manual for Standard Provocative Narrative...

append delete #3. iLinux Creator

Fanatic Fanboys/Fangirls and Mercenaries will do anything, as long as they are getting paid.

Fanatics and Mercenaries come and go, but Linux Distributions stay.

They do not understand that any User or Developer that sits in front of a computer with a dream to create something wonderful, is to be respected.

Real Computer enthusiasts practice Logic over Fanatism.

Real Computer enthusiasts concentrate in the essence of Computing and they do not play the "Divide & Conquer" or "Provoke & Confront" games of Fanatics and Mercenaries.

append delete #4. Bruce

Who are these people dude? Have they even tried iLinux?!

append delete #5. Azrael B


They are the same people that judge a Linux Distro by the size of the download...

We are talking about major intelligence here...

append delete #6. Judge Minty

iLinux is a huuuuuge toy for children! Nothing more.;maxHeight=640;maxWidth=550

14 GB download? Give me a break...

append delete #7. iLinux Creator

@Judge Minty

Anyone can use a Toy.

Not anyone can use a Computer.

But if the Computer is Easy as a Toy, then anyone can use a Computer out of the box without training.

iOS too looked like a Toy and had a devastating effect on the Tech Industry and on Society.


Many Linux Distributions have big downloads.

Do you judge a Linux Distribution by it's download size or by what it offers?

append delete #8. Judge Minty

iLinux is a Scam! Complete lack of documentation, no Distrowatch entry, no independent reviews, probably malware! Stay away!

append delete #9. iLinux Creator

@Judge Minty

"SCAM" has a specific Legal meaning and it equals "FRAUD".

By Accusing/Slandering someone or a product as Scam/Fraud/Malware, you make very serious Legal Accusations which you will have to PROVE if this ever goes to Court.

Be warned that the contents of this Forum and of the relevant Linux Mint Thread are Archived in Digital and Analog media for future Legal Use.

If you indeed have Evidence and Proof that iLinux OS is a Scam/Fraud/Malware, I dare you to present them here and to the Appropriate Authorities.

We strongly support Free Speech and Uncensored Dialog, and that is why there is No Register/Login function in this Forum.

But we will not tolerate these Illegal Unproven Unsubstantiated Slandering Tactics/Campaigns.

append delete #10. Azrael B

I am fed up with these internet thugs! I have seen them lurking around many Linux forums and chats bullying people! They are a Dark Web Gang!

append delete #11. Pablo M

@Judge Minty

There is enough negativity in the world and in internet these days...

I suggest you give iLinux a go to restore your inner balance ;-P

append delete #12. Linux Soul

That post in Linux Mint forum was unbelievable childish propaganda.

Even the Linux Mint users got it straight away.

append delete #13. com

All Linux Mint is propaganda of Ubuntu

append delete #14. com

Do not use even Linux Mint because Ubuntu Cinnamon Remix official is better

append delete #15. Linux Soul


Have tried both (Linux Mint & Ubuntu Cinnamon Remix) but iLinux is faster and snappier than them both...

append delete #16. Pablo M


Ok now you got me officially confused. You are against Linux Mint because it's propaganda of Ubuntu but you are in favour of Ubuntu Cinnamon Remix official??!! LOL!!

append delete #17. Optimus Prime

If iLinux is a Scam, then all Linux Distros are Scam. :-D

What a loser...

append delete #18. Fotini

I have heard a lot (I MEAN A LOT) of bad things about iLinux on IRC Channels and Linux Boards but after an extensive test drive I see that it was all filthy propaganda and lies, lies, lies. iLinux is an effort to bring Linux Power to the masses like never before and that's why it is being attacked so blatantly and so brutally. I am so angry and disgusted at this coordinated attack against such a wonderful piece of software engineering and design. Note to haters: Eventually you will get what you deserve...

append delete #19. Vladimir Putin

Linux Mint is amazing! iLinux is not the best! Every distro is the best!

append delete #20. iLinux Support Team

@Vladimir Putin

They are different.

Instead of thinking in terms of "better than", think in terms of "what do Ι need to do", try them and see which one is best for your needs.

You can use any Linux Distro you like.

We believe in Good Software.

We don't care if it is Free, Paid, Open Source or Proprietary, as long as it does not violate our Freedoms and our Rights.

We respect every User and his choices.

After all, there is a reason behind these choices.

We do not hate Microsoft Windows, macOS or other Linux distributions.

We believe that users should use what they think and feel is best for them.

And we deeply respect any User or Developer that sits in front of a computer with a dream to create something wonderful!


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