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With Apple transforming macOS Big Sur to iOS and taking our Macs away from us with it's Big Brother marketing, iLinux has given me hope that things can eventually work out fine for all us concerned Mac Users.

It has the quality, the industrial design and the functionality we are used to expect only from Apple.

And all that in an Operating System so light, that can easily run on my old Pentium 4 and Intel Core2Duo PCs. That is PRICELESS!

I can't thank you enough, the Developers of iLinux, for your fantastic work and for giving us this amazing cutting edge Operating System for FREE.

Also as a Raspberry Pi 400 User I am so excited on what's coming next from you, as I saw that you are experimenting on a Raspberry iLinux version! Do you know the release date yet?!

Best wishes from Madrid and keep up the good work!


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