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iLinux OS is a great macOS Alternative!

append delete Pedro


With Apple transforming macOS Big Sur to iOS and taking our Macs away from us with it's Big Brother marketing, iLinux has given me hope that things can eventually work out fine for all us concerned Mac Users.

It has the quality, the industrial design and the functionality we are used to expect only from Apple.

And all that in an Operating System so light, that can easily run on my old Pentium 4 and Intel Core2Duo PCs. That is PRICELESS!

I can't thank you enough, the Developers of iLinux, for your fantastic work and for giving us this amazing cutting edge Operating System for FREE.

Also as a Raspberry Pi 400 User I am so excited on what's coming next from you, as I saw that you are experimenting on a Raspberry iLinux version! Do you know the release date yet?!

Best wishes from Madrid and keep up the good work!

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append delete #1. Linux Soul

The industrial design of iLinux is indeed fabulous...

Everyday I discover more under the hood of this amazing vision made manifest.

I have been waiting a long time for such a mature and fast user interface to appear in Linux and iLinux did the trick!

Out of curiosity I tried it on a 2004 64Bit Intel Celeron D with 64MB Video Card and I was stunned...

That computer was craaaaaawling with Windows 7 but with iLinux it was alive and kicking again...

append delete #2. Kelly Smith

Only someone who has used iLinux can understand the revolution that it brings and the tide that it represents...

append delete #3. Fotini

I think that iLinux is not just a great macOS alternative. It's much better in so many ways. Especially compared to the latest Big Sur...

append delete #4. Sonic de Lonic

iLinux is a better original alternative. Not an imitation or copy of the Mac interface. The depth of details taken care off in User Experience is amazing compared to other Linux distros (no offence intended).

append delete #5. DigiDeLorean

Yes!!! iLinux is a Great macOS alternative!!!! I have an old 2006 MacBook lying around but I can't use modern Operating Systems on it... Thank you Apple...

iLinux transformed an old PC Laptop to something better than my Mac for FREE! What more can I ask for? :-)

append delete #6. Bruce

iLinux OS is not just a great macOS Alternative. It's the ONLY macOS Alternative. Period.

append delete #7. iLinux Creator


You can now see the Development Progress of iLinux OS for Raspberry in Updates

append delete #8. C64

macOS Big Sur + New Mac = Thousands of Dollars

iLinux OS + Old PC = FREE


append delete #9. Pedro

@iLinux Creator


The Development Progress bars are very helpful!

Hope the Raspberry edition is out soon. :-D

append delete #10. Pop!

Coming from Pop!_OS and the horrible GNOME interface, iLinux OS was a haven for me. Too strange though there is not a single review in Linux sites. Never the less I am stuck with iLinux for good due to it's dead easy innovative interface and it's troubleless operation and it's many many preinstalled Apps! With iLinux OS I don't need any reason to buy a Mac anymore...

append delete #11. ClickNin

Old thread I know, but:

Linux OS is not just a great macOS Alternative. It's the ONLY macOS Alternative. Period.

If "alternative" here is about the UI of the system, then nope, there is PearOS, and Elementry OS too. They same have a somewhat reassemble macOS feeling UI, which is lightweight and very cool.

If "alternative" here is application compatibility, then nope again. There is no Linux distribution that can run macOS applications yet.

About other, you can't say it's a macOS alternative, but another choice for a OS you want to install.

This is misconception and misleading.

append delete #12. Linux Soul


Have you ever used PearOS?

I have used all versions (including the latest) and let me tell you, it failed me on the second click when I tried to open the "Finder Menu". It simply didn't open anything and my user experience just got ruined.

Elementary OS on the other hand is too limited for me compared to iLinux OS.

Both PearOS and ElementaryOS are heavy compared to iLinux OS.

It's all a matter of perspective and user preference and if @Bruce thinks that iLinux is the ONLY macOS Alternative for him, then so it is for him and it's respectable.

You may hate or dislike iLinux OS and that's respectable too.

That's the beauty of Linux. There's something for everyone.

But by accusing any user for "misconception and misleading" because of his personal preference, that's insulting, provocative and irrational at best.

As for the feeling of iLinux, no one can be told what iLinux feels like. You have to feel it for yourself...


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