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In your website > Updates > Development Progress you posted a iLinux Mini version that's in the works. Will it be a smaller download than the 22gb one? I have a netbook with 32gb ssd on board and I can't install the current iLinux :-(

Will you make a mini 32bit version too?

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Yes. All Mini versions of iLinux OS will be smaller. Our goal is to keep it around 3 GB.

append delete #2. mokimoki

iso or img?

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All iLinux OS Mini versions will be ISOs with built-in installer.

We will release a 32 Bit version too.

A full IMG version will be released later.

append delete #4. leirbag28

@iLinux Support Team

Please DO NOT listen to every voice. Do not make a iLinux Mini, that totally 100% defeats the purpose... and wastes your precious time and resources...let people get something else or upgrade their hard drive. Plenty of Distros...MX Linux is one.

I do agree GREATLY on a iLinux 32bit edition.

append delete #5. iLinux Support Team


iLinux Mini is our choice and it has it's purpose.

A full IMG version will be released later.

iLinux Development Team is constantly experimenting on many areas...

append delete #6. Dimitris

iLinux Mini will have Servers?

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append delete #8. mokimoki

Hi. Why it takes so long to release iLinux mini? :-(

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Details matter, it's worth waiting to get it right.

- Steve Jobs

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good point.


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