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iLinux is CRAP!!!!!!!!!

append delete Arch Die Hard

WTF OMG where do I even start????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The childish aqua 3d icons when everyone has gone flat?! The rounded corners when everyone has gone straight lined?! 500 apps preinstalled?! 14 gb download?! Download from Google?! No FOSS code?! Commercial type license?! Copyrights everywhere?! Forum without registration? GIMME A BREAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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append delete #1. iLinux Creator
append delete #2. Sonic de Lonic

@iLinux Creator
I can't stop laughing with your answer! Kudos! :-D

@Arch Die Hard
Eat your chocbar! Maybe after that you realise that iLinux isn't really as bad as you think even though I gave up on you on "Forum without registration?"...

append delete #3. Kelly Smith

@Arch Die Hard

I think deep down you are in love with iLinux and you just don't dare to admit it....

append delete #4. Arch Die Hard1

WTF??????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Is that all you have to say??????????!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!! Take a look at Arch Linux!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You might learn something useful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! iLinux is a bad joke at best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

append delete #5. Linux Soul

@Arch Die Hard

All Linux Distros are important and valuable.

Want to know why?

Because the people that build them did it with love and enthusiasm...

You may disagree with their perspective but you have to respect any effort, because from effort comes beauty and perfection.

I can't use Arch because it's hard to setup but I respect the developers who had that dream and made it true.

Don't be so negative.

Open your mind.

append delete #6. iLinux Creator

@Arch Die Hard

I could quote substantiated thesis on every choice that has been made for iLinux but with fanatics like you it is meaningless.

append delete #7. AaronTechnic

@Linux Soul

Arch is not hard to set up, if you know how to use the terminal, then it's easy.

#8. Linux Soul

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append delete #9. Linux Soul


Yeah right...

Go tell the novice computer user or the average computer user to use the terminal to setup a computer...



Linux Soul added on

Even better, go tell all Mac users to ditch macOS and use Arch...

Who are you people?!

Are you even living on the same planet as the rest of us?!

append delete #10. AaronTechnic

The thing is, I didn't say novice users should go to Arch; I said that Arch isn't that hard to set up. You need a basic understanding of the underlying Linux components to install Arch. After you install, you get a greater understanding.

And yes, I am living on the same planet.

append delete #11. Linux Soul


Let me quote Steve Jobs for you:

This thing (the Macintosh) is for the every man. That's our End User. It's the School Teacher, it's the Garbage Man, it's the Kid, it's some Granmma out in Nebraska. So we need to make this thing simple. It's gotta work like an Appliance.


When you understand this you will understand what everyday people want from their computers. What most computers users want.

I respect every Linux distro. I respect every Linux developer. I respect Arch.

But I choose to use iLinux. Understand that. Respect that.

append delete #12. Fotini

@Linux Soul

They can't respect what they can't understand.

These fanatics are blinded by "Linux Mafia" propaganda and their huge ego.

append delete #13. Linux Soul


I can't understand why they prefer the complex solution vs the simple solution...


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