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How about a Lite Edition of iLinux OS?!

append delete JEREMY

Why don't you release a Lite Edition of iLinux OS without all the pre-installed Apps?

It would be good for users like me, that want to download only the Apps they need.

I'm just saying...

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append delete #1. iLinux Creator

The vision of iLinux OS is to provide an amazing and unique combination of innovations to empower the User like never before.

One of them is a complete Computer Setup for Any Use out of the box, thus the 500 Pre-installed Applications.

There is no other Linux Distribution that provides what iLinux OS offers out of the box and we will passionately keep innovating towards that goal.

A Lite Edition of iLinux OS is not in our Business Plans, for now.

append delete #2. JEREMY

for now

I take it then that you do not totally reject the idea? Right?!

append delete #3. iLinux Creator

No. We do not reject it.

But for now we are focused on releasing a 32Bit Version, an UEFI Version and an ARM Version of iLinux OS.

append delete #4. Pablo M

It will be great if you could release "iLinux Lite" at some point! :-D


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