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FUCK YOU AND FUCK iLINUX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

append delete FUCK iLINUX!!!!!!!!!

FUCK ALL YOU ASSHOLES iLINUX USERS!!!!!!!!!! FUCK THAT iLINUX PIECE OF SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FUCK OFF AND LEAVE LINUX ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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append delete #1. iLinux Support Team

We recommend that you contact a Mental Health Professional immediately.

append delete #2. iLinux Creator

@FUCK iLINUX!!!!!!!!!

Why so nervous?

append delete #3. Fotini

@FUCK iLINUX!!!!!!!!!

Having a disagreement over a Linux Distro is all right.

Behaving like that, you got my attention.

Good luck to you and to the Linux Mafia you represent...

append delete #4. Fotini

@iLinux Creator

Why don't you delete posts by scums like that?!

append delete #5. iLinux Creator


I strongly believe in a completely Free Internet without any form of Censorship.

append delete #6. Fotini

@iLinux Creator

Even for scum like that?

append delete #7. iLinux Creator



Freedom of speech is non-negotiable.

append delete #8. Super Mario

@FUCK iLINUX!!!!!!!!!

LMAO to that!! You are so full of shit man!!!! Get your pills and get a life!!!!

append delete #9. Linux Soul

@FUCK iLINUX!!!!!!!!!

Here we go again...

More meaningless hate...

Typical Linux fanboy...

When are you gonna realize that no one cares what you say or do?

You are what's worst in Linux Community.

append delete #10. i386

@iLinux Creator

I like how you handle things.

I like that you value freedom of speech so much.

append delete #11. no cookies

interesting community you have here man!

append delete #12. Kelly Smith

@FUCK iLINUX!!!!!!!!!

I love it when Linux Thugs like you start to panic...



Delete scum posts and miss all the fun?! :-D

No no no!!!

append delete #13. AaronTechnic

but iLinux does suck! Even Manjaro is more better!

append delete #14. Linux Soul


I suppose you have made an in-depth comparative review between iLinux and Manjaro, right?

Please, share your experience with us...

append delete #15. AaronTechnic

[Censored by the CCP]

append delete #16. iLinux Support Team


As you can see there is no censorship in this Community and you can say whatever you want.

Reverse psychology slandering tactics wont' get you anywhere.

So, why don't you answer to Linux Soul's question?

append delete #17. AaronTechnic

Alright, I'll answer:

1. iLinux comes with tons of bloat, and the end user probably not need them. Manjaro, despite having more bloat than something like Ubuntu, it has lesser than Manjaro.
2. iLinux isn't really "popular". Not saying about distrowatch, but its not really that popular.
3. It's somewhat old (Debian 10 is a bit old :/) and Manjaro is an Arch base (even though manjaro is much more unstable than arch)
4. It feels like a kids' Linux distro. Manjaro, feels "serious".
5. The install .img is too big. 13 GB? That's too big and can set some users off. Manjaro, has a 3 GB+ ISO. (again, somewhat much bigger).
6. Everything in iLinux feels "childish". The Welcome app, has the buttons written like "Back up my files!" or something like that. It feels "made for kids". The sun logo feels childish too. Manjaro, does not have any home-grown apps (I think pamac is), but their kernel manager is nice.
7. The name. Why would anyone name their distro "iLinux"? Manjaro on the other hand, comes from the mountain killimanjaro (If I can remember). iLinux makes it look like it's made by apple, at least you would have chosen a better name :/
8. The website. iLinux's website has pictures of people, and weird grammar in the website. It looks unprofessional. Manjaro, has a better website. When you enter the website, a smooth animation gets played, and shows a small "summary" of what Manjaro is, plus a picture of a woman using Manjaro KDE on her laptop (and the woman's face isn't shown either, only the hair).

After all this, I realize that I should've not been rude while talking in this forum (sorry about that :( ). But re-branding the distro would make it worth using. I apologize for the inconvenience I caused here.

append delete #18. AaronTechnic

And another point, I like your ideology. Using a software as long as it works, even if it's not FOSS. Thanks for helping me see that.

append delete #19. iLinux Support Team


Apology accepted.

Isn't it better when the discussion is in a civil and friendly level? :-)

1. iLinux comes with Apps. Not bloat. You can't know what every End User will need, because every End User is different.

2. Many successful products weren't "popular" at start. In addition, there is a boycott of iLinux in the absolutely controlled and biased "Linux Community".

3. Debian 10 is not old. It's LTS Life ( ) ends on June 2024 and it's ELTS Life ( ) hasn't yet been determined. Debian 10 is Stable. We are experimenting with Debian 11 for the next version of iLinux but Debian 11 is not yet stabilized. We have no experience with Manjaro but we prefer a Stable OS over an Unstable OS as you referred to it. Without Stability the User Experience Fails. If the User Experience Fails, the Operating System Fails and this for us is intolerable.

4. How a Distro feels is totally subjective.

5. The iLinux install Disk Image (.img) is indeed big because it offers more Out of the Box. In addition, there are many Linux Distros that have Big Installation Media, some of them bigger than iLinux. A Linux Distro should not be judged by the size of it's Installation Media but from what it offers to the User.

6. iLinux is not childish. It is Simple enough for a child to use and powerful enough for the experienced User. It has a multi-layered Adaptive User Interface to suit every User's needs.

7. iLinux is not just a name. It's a statement. A way of thinking. A way of life. A dream. Why this name? Because we choose to. For us there was no better name for our Vision of Linux.

8. How a Website feels is totally subjective. We focus on people because we focus on their needs. iLinux is the materialization of our Vision to evolve the concept of how a User Friendly Interface/OS should be.


If you agree, we would like you to extensively test iLinux and write a review about it.

It can run from a Fast USB Stick too, so you won't be tampering with your current setup.

append delete #20. Linux Soul


When I mentioned an in-depth comparative review I didn't mean to compare websites or technical specs but a real usage review...

Never the less it's hopeful that you agree on the ideology about useful software no matter if it's FOSS or not! :-)


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