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FUCK YOU AND FUCK iLINUX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

append delete FUCK iLINUX!!!!!!!!!

FUCK ALL YOU ASSHOLES iLINUX USERS!!!!!!!!!! FUCK THAT iLINUX PIECE OF SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FUCK OFF AND LEAVE LINUX ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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append delete #1. iLinux Support Team

We recommend that you contact a Mental Health Professional immediately.

append delete #2. iLinux Creator

@FUCK iLINUX!!!!!!!!!

Why so nervous?

append delete #3. Fotini

@FUCK iLINUX!!!!!!!!!

Having a disagreement over a Linux Distro is all right.

Behaving like that, you got my attention.

Good luck to you and to the Linux Mafia you represent...

append delete #4. Fotini

@iLinux Creator

Why don't you delete posts by scums like that?!

append delete #5. iLinux Creator


I strongly believe in a completely Free Internet without any form of Censorship.

append delete #6. Fotini

@iLinux Creator

Even for scum like that?

append delete #7. iLinux Creator



Freedom of speech is non-negotiable.

append delete #8. Super Mario

@FUCK iLINUX!!!!!!!!!

LMAO to that!! You are so full of shit man!!!! Get your pills and get a life!!!!

append delete #9. Linux Soul

@FUCK iLINUX!!!!!!!!!

Here we go again...

More meaningless hate...

Typical Linux fanboy...

When are you gonna realize that no one cares what you say or do?

You are what's worst in Linux Community.

append delete #10. i386

@iLinux Creator

I like how you handle things.

I like that you value freedom of speech so much.

append delete #11. no cookies

interesting community you have here man!

append delete #12. Kelly Smith

@FUCK iLINUX!!!!!!!!!

I love it when Linux Thugs like you start to panic...



Delete scum posts and miss all the fun?! :-D

No no no!!!


(Leave this as-is, it’s a trap!)

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