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Download size to big!!

append delete STN

Why is the iLinux download so big?! Other distros have very small iso by comparison!! What is this?! WTF?!

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append delete #1. iLinux Creator

You can't judge a Linux Distribution by it's Download Size.

You judge it from what it offers.

iLinux is not the only Linux Distribution that has a big download size:

ALT Linux: 2.9 GB - 8 GB

BlackArch Linux: 600 MB - 16 GB

CentOS: 500 MB - 10 GB

EndlessOS: 1.7 GB - 17 GB

Oracle Linux: 600 MB - 8.9 GB

Plamo Linux: 3.2 GB - 6.9 GB

Scientific Linux: 500 MB - 10 GB

SUSE Linux Enterprise: 10 GB - 11 GB

append delete #2. Kelly Smith

OMG what's with these people obsessed with the Download Size?

append delete #3. STN

We want small Linuxes!! Big Linuxes can't run from CD!!

append delete #4. iLinux Creator

It's 2021.

Choices are more than ever.

You can run most Linux Distributions from CD/DVD.

Others need more disk space.

iLinux OS can't run from CD/DVD.

iLinux OS IRP can run from DVD.

append delete #5. Sonic de Lonic


Stop whining and use whatever Linux distro you like. No one is forcing you to use iLinux.

append delete #6. Linux Soul

@iLinux Creator

You nailed it/him.


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