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Webcam not working after update

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Hello! Haven't used my webcam for a while. It was working fine about two months ago but now Cheese does not recognise it. Any ideas?

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Everything else works fine. :-P

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Most probably an issue with the updated Linux Kernel.

Hardware recognition issues are common on Kernel Updates.

Fortunately you can choose an earlier Kernel Version during Startup.

On Startup Screen Menu select Advanced.

Then select an Earlier Kernel Version (NOT Recovery Mode).

Try this and report the results here.

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That did the trick! Thank you so much!

Would I have a problem using an older Kernel version?

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Not likely.

It is not an older Kernel Version.

It is an older Sub-Version.

For example:

Kernel 4.17 compared to Kernel 4.20 is an older Sub-Version of Kernel 4.

But Kernel 3 compared to Kernel 4, is an older Version of Kernel.


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