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How do I install Popcorn Time?

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I have trouble installing Popcorn Time. I download ZIP files from various sites but I don't know what to do with them... Can you please help?

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Go to

and Download


then just install it and you are ready!

append delete #2. Alek

Thank you so much!! :-)

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You are most welcome!

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Download Popcorn Time (.deb) from


Install it.

Open it and go to Settings (Cog icon on top right of Popcorn Time window) > API Server(s)

In all three fields (Movies API Server - Series API Server - Anime API Server) enter:

Restart Popcorn Time and your are good to go!

append delete #7. Popcorn Time!

Happy holidays and a lot of movie watching everyone! Popcorn Time rocks!


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