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Can I install and run this on a Macbook Pro?

append delete Jared J

Wondering, like the tltle says, can I install and run this on my 2012 2.9 GHz Intel Core i7 Macbook Pro.

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append delete #1. iLinux Support Team

For now this is not possible with Macs but we have plans of implementing it in the future. ;-)

We are experimenting with Direct Partition Cloning to achieve Dual Boot in both Windows PC and Macs, since iLinux OS is "Clonable" and not "Installable".

When we conclude our experiments we will post the results and procedures in Install and Support

You can try iLinux OS IRP DVD on your MacBook though, but it is a very limited experience compared to iLinux OS.

append delete #2. Jared J

Thanks for your reply. I'll keep checking and hope for the future.


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