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NoMachine and real/tightVNC

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Gave your distro a test drive, I like it, has most of the tools I use for both work (NoMachine) and home (RealVNC) and felt that both programs were the main reason as to why I can't fully switch from using a persistence-storage Ubuntu USB.

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iLinux OS can also run as a persistence-storage USB Operating System:

You can install the extra Applications you need in iLinux OS and switch. ;-)


Application NoMachine will be included as a pre-installed Application in the next iLinux OS Download Update.

Application Remote Desktop Viewer (vinagre) with built-in capability of connecting to VNC Servers, is preinstalled in iLinux OS.

Command Line Application xtightvncviewer is preinstalled in iLinux OS.

Command Line Application VNC Server (vino) is preinstalled in iLinux OS and we have plans to create an Application with Graphical Interface for it.

Application Avahi VNC Server Browser is preinstalled in iLinux OS.


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