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iLinux with Debian 11

append delete Samurai

Now that Debian 11 is out how soon do you plan to release iLinux with it?

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append delete #1. iLinux Creator

Operating System Stability is the #1 priority for us and we don't settle for anything less.

An Unstable Computer is a Useless Computer.

There is a difference between using Linux for fun or experimentation and using Linux to get work done.

Unstable or newly released Core Linux Distributions are not suitable for getting work done.

Typically a newly released Core Linux Distribution takes about 3-6 months to fully stabilize.

iLinux OS 3 with "Debian 11 Stable" will be released when it's fully tested and ready.

Until then enjoy the Fully Stable and Fully Functional iLinux OS 2 with "Debian 10 Stable".

"Debian 10 Stable" has Long Term Support until June 2024 from the Debian Development Team:

append delete #2. Fotini

@iLinux Creator

I agree 100%.

I am fed up with Linux distros that are released without enough testing just to announce a new release.

append delete #3. Optimus Prime


Oh don't even get me started with the lack of stability and quality control when it comes to new Linux distro releases...

I am fed up to the death with them.

I just wanna use a distro to do my job and not wasting my time fixing it...

append delete #4. Samurai

I get all your points and I can't say I disagree but we users always want the new stuff! You know how we are....

append delete #5. Bolivare

does this linux support upgrading

append delete #6. iLinux Support Team


We are currently working on the smooth upgrading of iLinux OS 2 (Debian 10 Stable) to iLinux OS 3 (Debian 11 Stable).

We are also waiting for some Debian 11 Bugs and App Bugs to be fixed.

Be patient.

Perfection is in the details. ;-)

append delete #7. iLinux Support Team


Unfortunately smooth upgrading from iLinux OS 2 (Debian 10 Stable) to iLinux OS 3 (Debian 11 Stable) is impossible due to many incompatibilities between software layers.

But there will be a simple and detailed guide for upgrading.

Also there are plans for a Rolling Release of iLinux OS, so stay tuned!


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