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"Expose" like window swithcer

append delete Linux Soul

How about a Mac like window switcher for iLinux?!

It would be nice to have something like "Expose". ;-)

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append delete #1. Sonic de Lonic

Yeah it would be a nice addition for "Eye Candy" even though I think Control Bar is sufficient.

append delete #2. Linux Soul

Control Bar is excellent but "eye candy" is always sweet! ;-)

append delete #3. Super Mario

I am curious what the Developers have to say about it! I'm sure they thought about it but still curious why the didn't include such a feature....

append delete #4. iLinux Creator

It would be nice but from what we have tried so far, we still haven't found a relatively lightweight software that can do exactly what we want it in all computers, old and new.

Existing solutions are either too heavy or not satisfactory enough.

Practically, Windows+Tab Windows Switcher and Control Bar in fact eliminate the need for an Expose like windows switcher.

Concerning Eye Candy, Windows+Tab Windows Switcher may not have the Zoom effect of Expose, but it's function is exactly the same.

So we prefer Simple, Ergonomic and Elegant solutions that work in all computers, old and new, rather than "Eye Candy" rock heavy solutions that go against the purpose of iLinux OS:

To provide a Cutting Edge Operating System to all users, no matter how old their computer is. ;-)

append delete #5. Linux Soul

@iLinux Creator

I see your point. So I guess we will have to wait and have fun only with the zoom effect of iLinux Start! :-P


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