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Dual Boot?

append delete Eliza

I looked at the iLinux site, and did a search for "dual boot" and "grub" and it turned up zero pages.

Is there anywhere I can look to find some info on this? I have a Macbook ready to go with Snow Leopard on it with a 1 TB drive and 8 gigs of RAM.

I know this is an option in Ubuntu, and can load that one instead, but would REALLY like to see what iLinux looks like on this machine, as there is someone that would like to try it out.

Thanks in advance!

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append delete #1. iLinux Support Team

Unfortunately this is not possible for Macs, at least not for now.

But we have plans of implementing it in the future. ;-)

iLinux Support Team added on

You can try iLinux OS IRP DVD on your MacBook though, but it is a very limited experience compared to iLinux OS.

append delete #2. iLinux Creator

Hello Eliza!

We are experimenting with Direct Partition Cloning to achieve Dual Boot in both Windows PC and Macs, since iLinux OS is "Clonable" and not "Installable" like Ubuntu.

When we conclude our experiments we will post the results here and in Support


append delete #3. Richard Stallman

Use PureOS! Or GNU Hurd!

append delete #4. iLinux Support Team

@Richard Stallman

You can use any Linux Distro you like.

We believe in Good Software.

We don't care if it is Free, Paid, Open Source or Proprietary, as long as it does not violate our Freedoms and our Rights.

We respect every User and his choices.

After all, there is a reason behind these choices.

We do not hate Microsoft Windows, macOS or other Linux distributions.

We believe that users should use what they think and feel is best for them.

And we deeply respect any User or Developer that sits in front of a computer with a dream to create something wonderful!

When you understand our mentality and stop being a fanatic, then we will be able to discuss...


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