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Cannot download ISO ZIp

append delete drsteve

I have tried several times, but the .zip file of te ISO image refuses to download. Please help!

Thanks in advance!

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append delete #1. iLinux Support Team


We have successfully downloaded it.

What seems to be the problem on your side?

Download does not start?

Download starts but does not complete?

Please try the following:

1) Restart your Computer.

2) Try with a different Web Browser.

append delete #2. drsteve

Thanks! I tried both with Brave Browser and Chrome. Bave asks me to sign in to my Google account, which I did. The download never starts. Chrome does not ask me to sign in.

append delete #3. iLinux Support Team

We have successfully downloaded it from iLinux, Windows and Mac Computers.

What Operating System do you use?

Do you have any plugins installed in your Web Browsers?

Any other Software that may limit access, like Firewall, Antivirus etc.?

append delete #4. iLinux Support Team

In Google Drive there are 2 sequential Steps (Clicks) to begin download.

Are you sure you completed both?

append delete #5. drsteve

Yes, my friend. I am running Linux Mint 20.2.

append delete #6. iLinux Support Team

Very strange.

Call us via Viber or Skype so we can connect via Anydesk or Teamviewer to see how we can fix this:

You don't need to Donate.

We will provide Premium Support for free. ;-)

append delete #7. iLinux Support Team

We have successfully re-downloaded it from iLinux, Windows and Mac Computers.

There is nothing wrong with the Google Drive mechanism.

Call us via Viber or Skype so we can connect via Anydesk or Teamviewer to see how we can fix this in your Computer.

append delete #8. Richard Stallman

Use free software! Not proprietary!

append delete #9. iLinux Support Team

@Richard Stallman

iLinux OS is free and it does not contain only Proprietary Software.

It contains Free Software, Open Source Free Software, Commercial Free Software and Proprietary Free Software as you can see in the iLinux OS License:

The difference between you and us is a mentality point of view.

We believe in Good Software.

We don't care if it is Free, Paid, Open Source or Proprietary, as long as it does not violate our Freedoms and our Rights.

We respect every User and his choices.

After all, there is a reason behind these choices.

We do not hate Microsoft Windows, macOS or other Linux distributions.

We believe that users should use what they think and feel is best for them.

And we deeply respect any User or Developer that sits in front of a computer with a dream to create something wonderful.


Concerning Free Open Source Software (FOSS):

Philosophically and ethically we agree but every day practicality needs things get done.

We support FOSS but in the real world 99% of Devices, Appliances, Machinery and Vehicles YOU USE run on Proprietary Software.

The Computer or Tablet or Phone you are using right now to Preach FOSS runs on Proprietary Software (Embedded in the Hardware or not).

This is pure hypocrisy.

We agree that FOSS is good but we need things get done and if FOSS does not suit us we'll use whatever software does the job.

That's what FOSS Fanatics don't get. Users need things get done. Now.


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