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append delete cli22

hi! i'm testing your servers suite and i like it and all is good but i need to ask you a favour: pleeeeeease release a SERVERS ONLY spin of ilinux!!!! it's a very good base/gui to setup a server but 500 apps preisntalled and 21gb download?? think of all the people that only want a home/business server and not a full blown OS...... :-)

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append delete #1. Dimitris

I agree. It will be good if users have that choice.

append delete #2. Super Mario

Hey there! Sounds like a plan especially if the iso/img is much smaller than the original iLinux!

append delete #3. i386

Good idea and if there is a 32bit edition as well it would be better! :-D

append delete #4. Elf2000

tested ilinux and I agree 👍 with cli22

ilinux is awesome and out of the norm but it must have a server spin 🤩

append delete #5. iLinux Support Team

A lot of amazing stuff is going on behind the scenes of iLinux OS Development these days...

All we can say for now is that there will be 4 flavors of iLinux OS from version 3.0 and all of them will include the "Servers Suite"!

Stay tuned! ;-)


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