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append delete server dude

As an iLinux user on PC for the last 8-9 months I can't live without the Servers combo this distro offers.

I've been installing Raspberries as servers to clients for some time but been waiting like nuts for iLinux for Raspberry due to their Servers combo!

Have used many cli/gui Linux servers combinations but iLinux Servers combo is way of the charts and smokes the competition to hell.

ILinux overall interface is frantic easy, lightweight, fast, very well designed and all this passed to Servers too with exceptional ergonomics and many many tools in the main Servers window.

And now with iLinux for Raspberry it's not just poor man's computer but poor man's servers too, but with all the goodies of the rich man's server and more!

OMG so happy!

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append delete #1. server dude

I can't say it enough! I just love Servers combo in my RasPi 4!

append delete #2. i386

The Servers window in iLinux is the simplest yet the most rich feature and most easy server administration panel i've ever seen. No terminal and no bullshit.

append delete #3. linux junkie 92

With Raspberry Pi iLinux everyone can have a dead easy servers suite for almost nothing! Poor or rich! 🤪

It's the easiest server panel ever!!!

append delete #4. karacho

Is this a joke or what should it be? Why zippn a 24GB file, and after unzip (which takes about over 30 minutes), the file isn't really smaller than the zipped file itself. You guys are so sick...fcku

append delete #5. iLinux Support Team


What you say is technically impossible.

iLinux OS 2.49 file is 25.7 GB ZIPPED and 61.5 GB UNZIPPED.

So there are 2 possibilities:

1. The download wasn't complete or corrupt for some reason. If downloading from Filen failed, try downloading via Torrents.

2. You are here to slander iLinux OS.

Either way do your homework first and watch your mouth.

We won't be so kind next time.

append delete #6. turik

iLinux servers in raspberry is amazing! Too cool you can have a cheap full featured server! lol

append delete #7. Annoula

iLinux servers is what iOS was for mobile phones. Revolution. Period.

append delete #8. Dimitris


I couldn't agree more. Since iLinux servers was released I broke away form any CLI server setup and regained peace of mind. It's light years away ahead of the rest...

append delete #9. server dude

Ahoy there!

Nice to see the latest updates on servers backbone!

It's been almost 6 months since my last post and everything works like clockwork...

In the meantime I ve been searching for anything similar to iLinux Servers combo interface and there is nothing at all. Not even remotely. Nothing. Zip. Total blank.

Any server web interface there is can't even start to compare with the ease of use of iLinux Servers combo interface... Webmin alone can't. Cockpit alone can't. Terminal sure can't...

I must say that I just love the speed of the Webmin theme in iLinux! It's so sleek and fast compared to the default Webmin theme.

It's as you say in the About tab of Servers: Power to the users.

Only iLinux gives so much power to the users and I love it!! 😎

append delete #10. Trivial Solutions

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append delete #11. Dimitris

@server dude

I agree. This is my experience too. Since I start using iLinux servers interface I just can't compromise with anything else on the market. It's power to the users indeed...

append delete #12. Annoula

iLinux Servers is the first DIY multiple servers in the history of computing!

Installation steps:

1. Install iLinux OS.

Done! 🤣

append delete #13. Dimitris



append delete #14. 8bit computer

no shit the mainstream linux media don't promote this. they'll be out of job. if you use iLinux servers and then google for "linux server tutorial" you lmao to death....

append delete #15. nerd4ever

Terminal is so boring. iLinux is the only ZERO KNOWLEDGE server distro in the market. The GUI is ridiculously easy, self-explanatory and everything works flawlessly. It's a nerd heaven!

nerd4ever added on


iLinux Servers is the first DIY multiple servers in the history of computing!

Installation steps:

1. Install iLinux OS.

Done! 🤣

One of the best tech jokes of all time and it's 100% true! 🤣

append delete #16. Dimitris

@iLinux Support Team

How come there is no Mail Server in the Servers suite of iLinux? 🤔

append delete #17. iLinux Support Team


E-Mail Servers is a very specific and "sensitive" area of software with many diverse choices, so we deliberately chose not to include one and let the users choose the best for their needs.

You can find simple E-Mail Servers or more complex that are embeded into Groupware, ERP/CRM etc. 🙂


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