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New "Universal" themes!

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Wow! Juts saw those! That ultra-soft greay twist is ideal for work under any light conditions! Very good!

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I spend many hours testing themes upon themes and distros in my distro hopping rig but I always end up on my beloved iLinux OS for actual computer use!

The themes in iLinux OS don't try to stand up from the crowd. The are quiet, extremely color balanced, functional and professional. They follow the evolution pace of iLinux OS: Slow but rock solid....

The new Universal themes are a fine addition. I like the solid gray look, the colors of the buttons and the gray buttons version also.

I wonder though what's next?! The themes collection seems pretty complete to me with the addition of the Universal themes....

append delete #2. root

I love the zoom optical feedback of the window buttons as in Transcendence themes and I love the soft gray shade! Not to bright, not too dark. Exactly what it should be...

I am in love with the quiet strength of iLinux. No horns 'n' wistles. Just power and essence.



iLinux OS interface combined with the Debian stability is why I started using Linux everyday. I have tested many many many Linux distros but the Interface was never enough (buttons too small... colors too intense... blinding contrasts... icons too flat...), so the feeling was never enough to win me...

root added on

...and if course the curves all around iLinux interface, despite the "modern trend" of squared sharp edges everywhere that kills your eyes...

append delete #3. Linux Soul

Happy new year everybody!

Nice themes.

What I mostly love about iLinux interface is the compatibility with old and new apps. You can't find that in most of the themes/distros out there.

append delete #4. i386

Happy New Year!

These themes are really really good...

append delete #5. Super Mario


I agree. Despite my distro hopping just for fun I always end up comparing any distro with iLinux and I always find iLinux far ahead of the curve...

The Universal themes is another one of those "polished details" that keeps me happy everyday with iLinux but I especially love that I can switch to a complete different window/icons theme with a single click!


@iLinux Creator

Any new themes on the horizon? :-P

append delete #6. iLinux Creator

@Super Mario

New themes are on the way...

Stay tuned!


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