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iLinux lite edition?

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Hi! Can you please make a light edition of iLinux? 20gb is way too much for a linux disrto. I like what I see in the screenshots but 20gb? Don't get me wrong I want to give it a try but 20gb is huge compared to other linux distros that go 3-5gb tops.

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We do not plan a light edition of iLinux OS.

The iLinux install Disk Image (.img) is indeed big because it offers more Out of the Box.

In addition, there are many Linux Distros that have Big Installation Media, some of them bigger than iLinux.

A Linux Distro should not be judged by the size of it's Installation Media but from what it offers to the User.

Also, iLinux has preinstalled Apps in case you are Offline and can't download Apps.

To compare, Windows 10/11 fully updated with Microsoft Office can't fit in a 32GB Disk.

If you are not comfortable with an Operating System with many Apps preinstalled, iLinux OS is not for you. You must use another Operating System.

That's the beauty of Linux. There is something for everyone.


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