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How do I optimize my system to make it even better?

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So, I have installed iLinux OS, and it worked like a charm. But sometimes when multi tasking it very laggy. So is there anyway to fix this?

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iLinux OS is installed on a Mechanical Hard Disk, an SSD, a USB Stick or a Memory Card?

Can you give us some Technical Specifications of your Computer (CPU & RAM)?

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Is it laggy all the time or only at certain times?

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Next time you have a Support question, please post it on Support Category. Thank you. ;-)

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Ok sure :P

Is it laggy all the time or only at certain times?

It only lag when multi tasking (for example, I run Google Chrome with WPS Office).
I have an HDD, 4 GB RAM, Intel Pentium B960 and Intergrated Graphic Card,no GPU.

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Do you have Dynamic Virtual Memory enabled?

If yes, at what size?

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Do you have Dynamic Virtual Memory enabled?

Yeah, I set it at 4 GB (equal for my current RAM), I hear some people say that only set this equal your RAM.

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You can set Dynamic Virtual Memory at any size you desire.

The Mechanical Hard Disk (HDD) is a major factor at lagging for any Operating System, especially if you visit Websites that are very heavy due to many Web Scripts.

Additionally, if your HDD is at 5400 RPM instead of 7200 RPM, it makes things worst due to redused speed.

How much Memory (RAM) is used when you have Chrome and WPS open?

You can see this from iLinux Menu (Star Icon at Top Left) > About This Computer > Resources.

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Also please check the Health of your HDD via Applications Disk Utility - Disks or Disk Health - GSmartControl.

Let's make sure everything is fine with it.

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My HDD seems fine.
Also the total ram used by both Google Chrome, WPS Office and iLinux system is 2.43 GB, with Google Chrome using as 994.76 MB.

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Try this:

Turn OFF Dynamic Virtual Memory and let everything run from RAM.

This will reduce HDD use and make things run faster.

Also, enable Control Bar System Monitor from Control Center > Contorl Bar > Monitor > On so that you can keep track of Memory (RAM) Usage in real time.

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Alright, seems that make everything run faster. But do you know why that cause problems?

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@iLinux Support Team
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I will take control of your account from now, deal with it.

Also @iLinux Support Team
Thanks for the support, my computer seems to be working faster now when multi tasking.

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Hint: If you have many Windows with many Tabs open in Google Chrome, we suggest that you open a New Empty Tab in each Window and leave it selected. This way all other Tabs/Websites go to sleep and don't consume CPU.


You should consider upgrading your HDD to an SSD at some point.

iLinux OS can be cloned to the SSD so there will be no need to setup your computer again.

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Thank you.
Also what SSD do better than a HDD?

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Your acting sucks...

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Your acting sucks...

Yeah I agree.

Okay I might consider getting a Samsung 980 Pro SSD. Should I do hardware upgrade also, I have like, $600 left.

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Evaluate your system with the new settings.

If you are OK with it, keep it as it is.

Just keep an eye on Memory (RAM) Usage and if needed enable Dynamic Virtual Memory again.

Any SSD will do.

Once you upgrade to SSD no hardware upgrade is required, unless you do very demanding computing tasks.

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Any SSD will do.

@iLinux Support Team

Not all SSDs will compatible with any computer, and there are a lot of different types of SSD, you need to take into consideration of what you want: i.e. Speed, Performance, IO, etc. Then you need a deep understanding of your hardware to choose the best SSD. SSD tends to have shorter lifespan but faster while HDD is slower but the speed is ok, it's also best to store data and swap in HDD as SSD tends to die faster if too much IO operations is done. Stop giving misinformation.


Get both SSD and HDD, SSD to store your system and HDD to store your data and use swap on it. SSD only is very dangerous as it die faster than HDD and have shorter lifespan. Don't do swap on SSD or do heavily IO task on SSD, it will make your SSD die faster.

Hope this helps.

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It's 2022. Not 2010.

SSD technology have come a long way since then...


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